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Newbie looking for advice?

Hello, hope you are all having a pain free day, I'm new to this network but thought I would try to seek some advice.

I have suffered with pain in my upper abdomen for a long while that would ease off within a day or two. Last year it became so bad, I had to be taken into hospital for further investigation as to what was causing this horrendous pain. I had emergency surgery and I was informed after the surgery that they had found a large mass on my bowel that they had to remove along with a quarter of my bowel. The mass was sent off for tests and when I went for my follow up appointment I was told that it was crohn's disease and diverticulitis. The confusing part is they said that they has removed the crohn's and diverticulitis?

A year on and I am still getting the pains in upper abdomen and the urgency to open my bowels which are very very loose. This is affecting my life as when I need to go to the toilet, I need to go! I can't go anywhere due to the urgency.

Any advice would be very much appreciated. The hospital discharged me after my results so I don't know where to turn and don't know much about both of the conditions so any help is very welcome xx

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hI, im sorry to hear your having such s rough time.

Crohns can and will appear anywhere in the gastro tract. As a precaution 10cms of bowel will be removed either side of diseased bowel that is removed, but unfortunately this is't always the case and it will appear somewhere else.

Go back to your GP and demand a referral to gastro ASAP.

please dont hesitate to ask me anything



Thank you for your reply, I have a gp appointment on Monday so will definitely ask for a referral to gastro, thank you so much I will let you know xxx

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Hi, I too had 60% of my bowel removed in 2001 as diverticulitis was found. I still get flare ups now but was told by the specialist that even though they have removed the most diseased part of my bowel there will still be some diverticular left. I get a lot of pain in my upper abdomin and when this happens i get spasms and my bowel under my rib cage goes hard and I end up with diarrhoea. I have been back to have this investigated and it would appear that that part of the bowel has lots of diverticular too.


I'm so sorry to hear you are going through a rough time too :( this is exactly where I get my pain, was yours diagnosed in upper abdo by surgery? Thank you for your reply, xxx


This was picked up about 4 years ago under investigation. The pain is so intense at times and i take dihydrocodine which takes the edge off it and i end up in bed. I will get it looked into once i've had my holiday in Sept as I fear surgery so thats putting me off going to my GP.


Bizarre,I would see your GP and get things rolling to be under the care of a Crohns Dr. I have had lots of surgery due to CD and now have short bowel syndrome and ileostomy. You definitely should be under the care of a gastro Dr. X


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