Had a hysterectomy this week and now dealing with the pain created by painkillers 😩

I had a hysterectomy this week and the pain created by that is tolerable however the pain that began yesterday due to the bowel being constipated is horrific. I've taken Senna every night to help, but 6 days on still no movement. It's definitely on it's way as the pain is horrific, any suggestions to anything else I can do.

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  • I think it's time to call a doctor and get advice so you can recover well from your surgery and be well.

  • I thought that however it's Sunday, I'm home alone and have no way of getting to out of hours surgery 😩

  • I suffer this all the time. Best advice from me is go to the doctor or back to the hospital as having just had an operation....it could be the cause or you could overstrain and do some damage. Otherwise go to a pharmacy and explain they might be able to give you pessaries . The last thing you need and I know is to become impacted which is just like giving birth. Also try some Vaseline when you go to the loo. Good luck


  • Thanks Billi, your so right, I actually felt like giving birth this morning to 3 pebbles which I had to help out( sorry about details) but needs must. The pain is agonising.... I have a colonoscopy in 2 weeks and have bowel prep here, I was so tempted to have it this morning. However I didn't and 3:30 can't come quick enough when I have my appointment.

    As you know the other effects also kick in, I'm physically exhausted due the strain and pain.... hopefully I'll get some relief later πŸ€•

  • Yes I do hope so. Chin up, be strong, and bear it we are women!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • πŸ˜‚ ha ha I know, GP gave me some sachets of stuff to take and some painkillers. Hopefully this will help soon. Been very weak today πŸ˜πŸ€•

  • I have UC, well controlled, but ironically constipation is a constant battle and has been for several years. I have to take 2 sachets of Laxido at night despite the fact that I eat loads of vegetables and fruit and add a mix of Linseeds, Sunflower Seeds and Almonds to my food every day. Recipe as follows:

    3 parts Linseeds

    2 parts Sunflower Seeds

    1 part Almonds

    Grind together as small as possible in food processor or grinder. It's possible to buy the Linseeds ready ground. I add about 3 desserts spoons to porridge, soup, fruit and yoghurt etc but suggest you start with a smaller amount and increase according to need. I store in a Tupperware container in fridge.

    Hope that helps!

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