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My first ever run!

This morning at 6am I ran for the first time since I was in a P.E. class (now 30 years old)! Well, I say 'run' - probably more a juffle - between a jog and a shuffle :) My calves and shins hurt like crazy but I can't believe I actually did the full 8 minutes - feeling very proud and I hope this is the start of the new me!

I've always struggled with my weight and have piled a lot of weight on in the last few years through depression and giving up the gym (again) - now obese and embarassingly unfit. I've tried the gym several times but have never stuck it out it because I hate it. Whenever I've tried to lose weight the results seem depressingly disproportionate to the amount of effort I put in and I give up. In the last six months I've really started to win my battle with depression and my self-esteem is slowly improving.

I hope that running in the fresh air will be something I enjoy and will be therapeutic for me.

Fingers crossed the leg pain gets easier and I start to feel less self-conscious about juffling around my neighbourhood and soon I'll be overtaking Mo Farah :)

I'd really appreciate any 'first run' stories, advice or general words of encouragement :)

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First off, congratulations and welcome! :-) This is the very first exercise program I have ever stayed with and completed. Hubby and I started last August, graduated in October. Then after the first of the year, we started and completed a 10K program. We are currently doing the 5x50 challenge. All of this is because of C25K!!!! The program is broken down into small steps and goals, all achievable and your sense of self worth will improve on each run. Wishing you the very best! Take each run/week as it comes and remember to go slow. Anything above a brisk walk is fine and you will build stamina. Gayle


Well done! You ran all 8 minutes! Beats me on my first run :) I think I managed 3 or 4, but by the end of week 1 I had it nailed and never looked back.

Gayle is right, your sense of self worth will improve on each run. Esteem and anxiety issues were one reason I started this and I can honestly say, nothing has been more effective for my wellbeing. The sense of achievement is sometimes overwhelming (see my most recent blog about doing 10K), but you will be amazed at what you and your body are capable of :)

There may be hard times along the way, but pop on here and you will always find a friendly ear, someone to listen and offer advice. Good luck!


Well done! I started the c25k last summer but never finished it (more of that in my blog if you are interested). Today I restart the programme - I'm determined this time - so we will be following the programme pretty much in sync. I'm so much more confident this time as most of the programme I have done before, I know I can do it but believe me, if I can do it you certainly can. Best of luck with the rest of the week and keep posting - perhaps we can spur each other on!


Welcome! You've done better than I did on the first session too! Like Rollertoaster, the first week was tough for me, but after that I slowed down and figured out how to get through it - slow and steady!

I 'graduated' a couple of months ago, and was moving so slowly that a man walking his dog overtook me - and today I ran 7 km (!!!) - but still only at 3.6 mph - and I'm pretty sure I can walk faster than that. But I am so much fitter for all the exercise, and my heart rate recovers much faster. So - don't worry if you're slow! :)


That was my problem, I went out of the blocks thinking I was usain bolt! It took me until about week 4 to get my pacing right. I think mind was telling me if I went faster it would be over quicker, but c25k doesn't work that way! :)


Well done!! The first step out of the door is the hardest....everyone on here said to me. And you did it :-) Like greenlegs I'm in the slow brigade....indeed I'm in the even slower brigade. I walk faster than I run!

This will boost your self esteem every week. I'm amazed how proud my family are of me and that bucks me no end. Keep at it - slowly - you'll get there. I'm 66 never run before and now on last run of week 3.


you have made a positive step in the right direction, and what is so great is that you made that choice :-)

Follow the plan, I can remember my first run and thought perhaps I was going through a midlife crisis :-) I have lost half a stone, feel better within myself, more positive at work and home and my asthma is behaving better as well and I am 48! and never run before.

This is a great way to keep you focused and I sincerely hope that you keep it up. Keep blogging, we are all here to offer advice and support, read other blogs, look at the questions, but most of all, take it easy and enjoy it.

Welcome to the community. :-) :-)


Thanks everyone. It's reassuring to hear how many of you started in a similar position to me and to hear what you've all achieved along the way. It makes me realise it is possible.

Greenlegs - so funny to hear about you being overtaken by a man walking his dog but after this morning I can totally relate to you :)

Wantadog - definitely! I'll keep an eye on your blog and will post updates about my own progress. I'm determined that this time failure is not an option!


The really funny thing about the dog walker was that I thought it was so hilarious it kept me distracted for a good ten minutes, and I ended up running (relatively) further than I would have done otherwise. I just kept giggling to myself! :)


I love the term juffle; I juffle too ;0)

I am on week 5 and am struggling with the longer runs but remember when I could only manage the 60 second bursts. So well done for starting, and keep up the juffling ;0)


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