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Just completed my first ever 'run'


I've been putting off the fateful day one for ages, today I run out of excuses. Like a lot of people on here I have never exercised, never been in a gym and don't really fancy classes. Not sure why suddenly at the age of 53 I feel the need to take up running. I don't need to lose weight but I am exceptionally unfit.

Day one of the programme completed, got to say I found it difficult and I'm not sure if I'm running correctly, I feel very flat footed, is there a correct

technique that I should know about?

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Hi and welcome to one of the best things ever. Lots of great folk on here, with advice, encouragement and tips for success! :) Plus we are so friendly!

It is hard at the start and many of us found it difficult... but, if you follow the programme, take your rest days and do it in your own way you will be fine. Slow and steady is the way. At this stage, try to keep your steps light and to land lightly; there is so much to take it and concentrate on.

As you progress you will adopt the running style that suits you, but the main thing is, don;t rush or push yourself too hard. Just a gentle slow run in the running intervals.. and see how you go :) Keep posting too! :)


Yes. . . . one foot in front of the other:)

Don't worry about technique too much, just keep following the programme. As you work your way through the podcasts they will give you tips on how to improve your running style.

By the end of week 4 and into week 5 is a good time to go to a real running shop (NOT Sports Direct - if you're in the UK!) and get a gait analysis done. They will be able to tell you the right type of shoe for your gait. (It's a lot of money to spend - not the gait analysis, it'll be free, but my trainers cost in the region of £80, but by week 4/5 I knew I was hooked and was going to keep going.)

Enjoy the programme and welcome!

(The sudden urge to get fit in your fifties is not unusual, and perhaps in our parent's generation it was unheard of, now it's very common. If you go to a parkrun, you'll see loads of people your age and older . . . much older:)!) (Perhaps our parents or at least grandparents did so much manual work they didn't need exercise!!!)

Carolyn63 in reply to Davoda


thanks, hadn't realised the podcasts gave info like that, I thought it was just run/walk and music in between.

Yes I just bought cheap and cheerful running clothes so see how I get on and if I take to it ill happily buy £80 trainers.

Thanks for your response



Great well done you. I'm 51and started this week. I'm just aiming to give it a go. I have no technique and dodgy keees and sometimes a dodgy back, Someone said to me on here, think slowly then go slower. So I am doing just that. Run 1 was very tough but I did it... run 2 was a little easier and more enjoyable and run3 was a little tougher but I went a little faster... just psyching myself up for week 3 now. Good luck and keep going.

DavodaGraduate in reply to MotherPip

There you go, virtual running buddies!

I've just done Day 3 of week one and it has got less stressful each time. The first run was terrible- I thought my phone had switched off because that first minute of running seemed sooooo long. Goes much quicker now even though I'm running at the same speed each time. Bring on week 2!


Welcome! Well done for taking the first step. C25k is simply brilliant and following the programme is one of the best decisions you'll ever make!

So many of us started out having never exercised before. Go slow, stretch, take your rest days and you'll be a runner before you know it!

I agree with the other comments, just run how feels comfortable for now. Once you start running for longer segments it will be worth having a gait analysis and getting shoes which support you and your running style correctly. It can make all the difference!

This forum is the absolute best place on the internet, filled with incredible, inspirational people. Make sure you post to let us know how you're getting on and let the forum folk motivate, encourage a celebrate your successes with you. We'll be with you every step of the way! :)

Carolyn63 in reply to melly4012

Thanks, I'm feeling so supported already, actually looking forward to achieving the goal :)

melly4012Graduate in reply to Carolyn63

The forum is so great - it's what got me through the programme! You will absolutely achieve the goal! In 9 weeks time when you're running for 30 minutes you'll look back at this and remember when for found it hard running for 60 seconds. :)


That first run is the hardest thing to do, so much to think about and 60 seconds seems like an eternity. You will find your own pace and style but each podcast or the app should give you pointers about breathing techniques and running style as you go on. In the first weeks it's easy to try and go too fast so take it really slow and gentle. Really well done on getting the first one under your belt. Seriously, this programme has been life changing for so many people, you won't regret it. (plus of course we're all rooting for you...Every step) :)

Well done for starting - lot of good advice above.


Hi. I'm 55 and I've just started C25K for the second time, having graduated 2 years ago then having to lay off for a year or so following injury and surgery. I also did my 'first' run today.

Just to assure you that C25K does work, even if some of the weeks look quite daunting. Stick with it , don't give up and don't be afraid to repeat a week. Also listen to your body - particularly your joints, and take few extra days rest if needed. 9 weeks is an aspiration rather than an absolute target.

As per Davoda's reply - it's worth getting your gait analysed and getting a decent pair of shoes which are right for the way you run. I'm also flat-footed and have previously had problems with my heels, but good shoes have stopped this being a problem whilst running.

Good luck!

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