First ever run following big weight loss

Hi everyone

I started trying to lose weight in January and have lost over 6 stone so far. I set myself a target to lose before I tried running and I took the plunge and did my first run this morning.

Although I found it hard, I did it and I'm really proud of myself. I'm still overweight and know it will get easier as I lose more weight and get fitter.


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31 Replies

  • Well done for losing all that weight and congrats on your first run! Welcome to the "club". I hope it all goes well for you over the coming weeks.

  • Thanks dagshar, I'm really looking forward to see what a difference I can make to my health.

  • Well done.

    What an incredible achievement, 6 stone since Jan. And congrats on your first run. I think the hardest part is getting that first one run under your belt, it is an unknown until that point.

    Keep up the good work


  • Thanks Ken, I can hardly believe I've done it. Although losing weight has been very hard, this feels like a much bigger accomplishment!

  • Wow, congratulations, that's absolutely brilliant! I've lost a stone and that was tough, so really well done you. And for going on your first run. I'm in week 7 and I just can't believe I've got here and am now running for 25mins! You'll be doing the same in no time :-D

  • Thanks Laura, well done for getting to week 7. I can't imagine what it feels like to get there, I'm not sure I'll be able to run 5k in another 9 weeks but I'm going to do my best!

  • Wow - that's an amazing weight loss. Well done. Good luck with the running. It is very achievable. My 60 year old Mum runs 3 times a week after graduating from the programme. I'm so proud. She's lost over a stone and would probably need to lose at least a couple more to meet those 'ideal' weights. What I'm trying to say is - this programme isn't just for skinny 25 year olds!!!!

  • Thanks goonkeepgoing, I'm 31, never been slim and never been active. I've been doing classes at the gym since January to running seems to be a whole new challenge! Well done to your Mum too.

  • Well done, both on the weight loss and starting the programme. The secret to success is always Determination, dedication and Discipline, and you clearly have all three in spades so I am certain you will do very well with C25k.

  • Thanks Tignold, my husband says I've got the right personality for running because I'm stubborn and determined! I hope he was being complimentary!

  • That's an amazing achievement - well done! Are you following a plan / Slimming World or anything?

    keep up the good work and keep following the plan - you won't regret it.

  • Thanks Jana.

    I started a programme at my gym that essentially cuts out all processed food, caffeine, sweetners and most importantly sugar. So I have full fat dairy, nuts, avocados, beans, chicken and tuna with lots of veg. I've not always stuck to it but I do 95% of the time and it seems to be working a treat.

  • That is an excellent nutrition plan.

  • Many many years ago - long before the advent of the so-called "Paleo plan", I read somebody who said that as far as food goes, if it wasn't around 100,000 years ago then it is bad for you!! :) That figure comes from the fact that this is around when our "species" - Homo Sapiens- first evolved and our bodies have not changed since that time. Well, actually aspects of our bodies have indeed changed - ( ie we have all gotten fatter because of the food we eat) but our biology/DNA is the same .

    So - I guess - if it comes in a can or a packet , it is bad for you!!!! Fruit, vegetables , meat don't come in packets or cans ( unless they are processed and put in one!!) :) Wife and I try to adhere to this thought - and I often compare the contents of our shopping trolly with others while we wait to pay :) -- so many trollies packed with bottles of soda , cereal packets, etc, etc!!!

    Congratulations on your large weight loss- I wish I could introduce you to a good friend of mine!!!

  • Thanks, Bazza. Yes I think it's fairly similar to paleo but maybe not as strict.

  • When I first lost weight, I had no cravings for sweets things at all and found it very easy. This time however I am most definitely caught in a sugar trap - I crave it all the time and have even started to drink cups of tea (I'm not normally a hot drink person).

    Well, you've got a thumbs up from me for your eating plan - it sounds very sensible and healthy. I just need to get my arse in gear and get going again.

  • Thanks, it's probably the most sensible diet I've done and i've probably done all of them!

  • Ha, I'm stubborn and determined too! Maybe that's why I enjoy running. Well done on the weight loss. A lot of people on here don't run 5k at the end of week 9. Don't worry about that. You can work on that once you can run for 30 mins.

  • Thanks Rlear, that's good to hear. I Did my second run today and really struggled. I thought about redoing a week if I was really struggling. Can you do that?

  • Yes repeat every week if necessary! I repeated each week for the first 5 to ensure I was completely ready to move on.

  • Welcome to the forum Mrs! Great weight loss - I've lost weight (not as much as you) and know how hard it is, but so rewarding! Even more rewarding will be the sense of achievement from following c25k. Good luck and enjoy your journey.

  • Thanks Mimsickle. I think this we'll definitely be the most rewarding thing I've done. Probably because I know I'll find it really difficult!

  • That amount of weightloss is impressive (I'm on the same journey and I'm jealous), well done. And your 'diet' is great, just what I should be eating! And getting off the couch and completing w1r1 is fantastic too. You will be amazed how fast you get fit again. Stubborn and determined is exactly what you need to complete the program, so I'm sure you'll be posting that you've completed w9r3 by halloween.

  • Message me if you need a weightloss busdy! I'm always looking to share tips.

  • Many congratulation on the weight loss. That is fantastic!

    The first run is the hardest run, all of us remember that first week very well. Know this you have picked the right program and with Laura's help and posting here you will soon be running for 30minutes.

    Good luck!

  • I can't even imagine yet what running for 30 minutes is like, other than frightening! When Laura said today I'd run for 8 minutes all together I could have cried.

  • Welcome Naggs! Congrats on the weight loss! You'll be much springier now the weight's gone and you'll be champing at the bit to get moving. You've come to the right place! C25k is a great introduction to running. It's gently progressive, and as long as you stick to the instructions and don't overdo things, you'll be fine. Go very slowly, take your time

    I've lost nearly five stones and it certainly is a huge relief isn't it. I think once you get into the habit of eating properly it just becomes second nature and you don't want to eat the stuff you ate before.

    Good luck with the run walks and with the weight loss. Have fun!

  • Wow, well done!! I've lost 4 stone and still have a long way to go!!! I'm on a similar diet with my gym lol, I wonder if we go to the same gym haha. I also started c25k for the second attempt in January. I'm now doing week 4. I don't move on until I feel comfortable. Rather that than give up. I don't care how long 9 weeks will take me as long as I get there. My plan after that is to go to 10k. As well as the 3 runs per week, I do 4 gym sessions plus my diet, although I've not done so well there lately!!

    Keep it up, take your time and well done!!

  • Thanks, I've still got a couple of stone to lose so it will give you an about how unfit I am!

    I'm in Stockport but the diet is by Pete Cohen, they might have done it at other gyms.

  • blimey, if you can lose 6 stone then you definitely have the right determination to become a runner...well done I am in awe!!

  • The weight will come off, if you eat healthier and keep exercising you will begin to feel better. You will get lighter, feel springier, clothes get looser, all positive signs that will keep you motivated. Success breeds success and you will want to keep going. Don't be diverted off course. Stick with the programs and you will see a brand new you at the end of it. Take your time of course. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Well, half marathon, if it makes life easier. LOL

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