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Done the Worcester Parkrun, my first ever Proper Run!

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The day dawned misty and chilly, and, for the first time, I wore a jacket. My daughter & I turned up with our barcodes and hung around till the start. It was the first time I've run without doing the brisk warm-up walk but it didn't seem to make any difference. There were around I50 runners. As I was at the back, I was worried about getting lost in the mist but the run was really well signposted. I started right at the back and finished just a few in front of the back| I enjoyed running with other people, and I did manage to say a few things on the way round! e.g, I managed to call out 'how far to go now?' and was told we were over half way. I really missed Laura's 'halfway' & '5 minutes left'. Next time (and there will be a next time) I'm going to try and take notice of the surroundings so I know roughly where I am. I might Google it! For some reason, our results haven't come through, so I've emailed in the hopes that I can get a time as I would like to be able to improve. I can't believe I've done an official 5k race and not actually come last!

I'm going to try a running group on Tuesday evening. Then I'm intending to do that & the Parkrun every week, which means I'll only have to squeeze in 1 solo run. Though as the weather cools down, I may run with my daughter who runs during the day while the children are at school! I still don't like running but it may be becoming a fact of life!

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Well done! I agree about knowing how far done or to go. I suppose you will just have to ask Santa for a stopwatch.Interesting to see you were thinking of joining a running group. I was toying with the idea myself. I have been thinking of having my running gait analysed and the shop that does it for free also organises free runs of 5K each week in the evening which I thought I might try.Mention of your jacket reminds me I will have to do something about suitable winter clothing. Trouble is when I look on the internet I dont know what I need. .Keep it up anyway.

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stayinbedGraduate in reply to musicman

I like the idea of being able to choose any night for a run. I used my old hoodie but I think something more trendy and 'runner' might be nice! I saw something about jackets but I've seen so much while I've been looking at watches and, earlier in the programme, trainers that I can't remember where I saw anything! I bought trainers from Ebay which turned out to be too snug so I'm using some I've had for years and they do the job really well. I don't know if newer ones would help with my slightly dodgy knees but I'll get a runner's watch under my belt first!

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Congratulations on completing a Parkrun. It sounds like you enjoyed it. I did my first one today too and I think I prefer running alone - antisocial wifie that I am!

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stayinbedGraduate in reply to swanscot

I can't, in all honesty, ever use the word 'enjoy' in relation to running!!! But, yes I'm up for doing it again! I love running by myself but I'm restricted by then places to run round here. Oh well, the world's our oyster!

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Well done on doing the first of many Parkruns! This link may help you with the course at Worcester Looks like your results are in

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Thanks Caz, yes hoorah, I'm there in black and white! I wonder if it just took a long time to put everyone on? Thanks very much for taking the trouble to find and let me know the results!

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Well done stayinbed. :) What sort of time did you get and was it what you expected? I've only run 5K once so far (on the treadmill) and that took close on 50 minutes so I've kind of decided not to try parkrun again until I can get it down to 40 mins (I don't mind being last, just not 15 mins later than the next slowest!). I'm thinking I might try Worcester parkrun as it has a larger field so I won't be quite so far behind (hopefully). What did you think of the course?

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stayinbedGraduate in reply to Legion

My time was 34m 12sec so I was quite pleased, especially as I thought I was doing 5K in around 38 mins. The course was ok, what I remember of it! The run went twice round the woods, so it was a nice place to be running, and at that time in the morning there weren't too many other people around. One speedy cyclist tried to get past a group of runners and nearly came off when he went over a tree root...bit alarming! I'm looking forward to doing it next week but I can't see anyway I could be any quicker!

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Well done stayinbed, good to hear thats your first one done and dusted. If you go into Parkrun/worcester site about half way down the Main Page is a route page option, click on it and it will show you your route as a Google earth map which you can zoom into for close ups etc. May help you see and checkout your route for the next time. Hope you have a good time but next time I'm sure will be even better.

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Good for you stayinbed, I want to do a parkrun myself but feeling a little nervous (have no one to go with so will be just me) reading this makes me feel a little braver - I may pluck up the courage.

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Caz9Graduate in reply to notbad

Just go for it. They are generally a pretty friendly bunch at the parkruns. Start off somewhere towards the middle to back area and you will probably find you are running with someone who has a similar speed to you. Then you can always have a 'chat' with them and you'll probably see them on the next parkrun you do. As yet, I haven't heard of anyone on here coming in last, so the chances are you won't be either!

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notbadGraduate in reply to Caz9

Cheers Caz9 for the encouragement, it does sound like fun - I have my barcodes laminated so perhaps next weekend...

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OldgirlGraduate in reply to notbad

I went on my own the week before I first ran, had a chat with some of the volunteers and found them all really friendly and welcoming. I went back the next day (Sunday) and did the run on my own just to satisfy myself that I could. The following Saturday found me down at the beach with nearly 100 other runners. They asked before we started if there were any first timers and I was delighted to see there were quite a few apart from me, we were all clapped and wished good luck. What a sense of achievement I got and more importantly I gained a lot of new friends too. So don't hold back any longer, give it a try you will love it I'm sure.

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notbadGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Thanks oldgirl all these words of encouragement help, yours sounds like a wonderful experience - gremlins begone, I must give this a go! (sorry for hijacking your blog stayinbed! :-) )

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Don't you worry notbad. Seems the best place for it! You'll be fine, take your laminated barcodes and run!

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