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My First ever run!

Hi there! :) I am a 19 year old girl living in the country and today I completed the first run of week 1. Was very pleased with myself because I was convinced that I would give up half way through. I workout quite often with DVDS, but this is a whole other world!

My biggest problem is my breathing technique, lungs feel like they're burning! Although I suppose that comes with practice! My calves seized up once id stopped my 5 minute walk but with a bit of massaging and hopping in a steamy shower asap seemed to help.

I really want to get fitter, I'm not worried about my weight in terms of numbers but I would love to get more muscle and a flatter tummy! (Plus I hope running does not change my bra size, but then fitness is more important!)

I hope you welcome me into your community, your motivational blogs are very helpful!


Height: 5ft 8

Weight: 11st 2

I go to America in 10 days so hopefully I can keep this up whilst on holiday!

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Well done for completing your first run - you are on your way and you will not regret starting. Although I must warn you it can become addictive. Don't worry about breathing - some of us just breath through our mouths at least some of the time. Keep blogging and welcome.


Well done ! Keep us updated.


Welcome to c25k and well done you for getting out there! Don't worry too much about technique or breathing yet. These things tend to sort themselves out with time. I have not lost a lot of weight on the programme but it has all gone from my tum. When I dieted it all went from my boobs so this is much better! Good luck! have a great holiday and keep running! :-)


well done and welcome! The biggest step is the first one and in 10 days' time you will have done some more runs and be prepared to continue in the US. Even if you can't run outdoors there, you might be able to use a hotel treadmill or something. Keep up the pace of your walking intervals and make them brisk and that will help with your breathing and running. Also, walk briskly at other times, (no dogs?-try an evening walk on your "rest" days during these light evenings). Enjoy your running :)


well done on your run - it's a great feeling isn't it. I just want to add a comment to pingle. I too started a diet in January and, much to my husband's disgust my boobs were shrinking at an alarming rate. I started the running last week and desperately want my baggy belly to go the same way my boobs went. Only time will tell. Good luck and have fun!


What a great start tobefit! It does take your body a little while to adjust to the sustained effort of running, but it's a really positive thing you are doing for yourself. Keep it up!


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