What songs is Laura not playing?

Does anyone else find a lot of the songs remind them of other songs? I found week 7 especially bad and practically every song I was going "oh, oh I know this one", by my third run I felt I'd named a few of the songs Laura isn't playing. N.B. I'm really not very musical (piano teacher told my father he was wasting his money!) so there is a chance the songs only sound similar in my head. Anyway, this is what I could hear:

~03:10 - Physical by Oliva Newton-John (I can hear the "Physical, Physical" - I'd really recommend you don't look this up on YouTube unless you want to see everything that was terrible about 1981).

~10:21 - Don't Stop Moving by S Club 7 (if it's not that it's something in the same genre / era).

~14:04 -The Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang (I had "sweat baby sweat baby" going round and round my head).

~16:44 - Mr Brightside by The Killers (this one is the most obvious to me I can hear practically every word - "I'm coming out of my cage, And I've been doing just fine, Gotta gotta be down, Because I want it all" etc).

~25:48 - Don't Look Back into the Sun by The Libertines (basically because of the riff).

There is a bit of theme with the "unheard" lyrics - I think Laura is working some psychological magic on us. I was also convinced I could also hear U2, Kylie and something by Coldplay.

So is it just me? Or does anyone else get the feeling they are running to a bizarre karaoke remix CD? Can you "name" any other tracks?


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13 Replies

  • They chose these songs especially to keep us busy wondering what songs they remind us of. It takes our mind off the running and how much it's hurting. Quite a clever ploy ;)

  • I stopped listening to Laura at week 6, now you've told me the music got remarkably better :-) so maybe I shoud give it a listen ;-)

  • it was short lived - I just did my first week 8 run. I'll be abandoning Laura now too!

  • Can't remember what week it was, but definitely heard a touch of 'Proud' by Heather Small - slightly spooky as we'd been singing it at Rock Choir at the time!

  • There's also one that sounds like Take That's Greatest Day (I think from memory. It was one Take That song anyway). I don't recall the Killer's one, maybe I should revisit the podcasts?

  • ah ha! I think that's the one I was attributing to U2 - I could hear the word "day" and was thinking is it "Beautiful Day" or "Another Day"? Thanks!

  • It's not just you, I was just the same but can't remember any specific songs that the others sounded like. I remember the first couple of weeks the music made me feel like I was in my own movie montage of me getting fitter/faster etc!! All that feel good 'see the sun shining' stuff. Bit cheesy but it works!

  • Definitely agree on the libertines one! Had already thought that myself... Yes lots of the others do sound familiar.

  • The musicians have probably ripped off parts of more famous songs and used them as a base for their songs. You're probably recognising slightly altered drum and guitar parts.

  • I think a couple of them are a bit like songs from The Darkness!!!!!

  • Me too. It reminds me off those old top of the pops LPs where they had bad covers of chart hits...

  • ha - I know what you mean I had one of those as a kid and I loved it and played it over and over again. Years later as a teenager in a minibus on a school trip, a song came on the radio and I completely slagged it off as an awful cover version. The whole bus stared at me, eventually someone said "err, Trish, this is The Beatles". :)

  • I LOVE this program... except the music. Some of it was just downright annoying, and other stuff, like you said, reminded you of good stuff but wasn't actually it which was very unsatisfying (a bit like eating tofu instead of meat). I abandoned Laura on week 7 and although I am still doing the program am picking my own tunes!

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