What does your inner running voice say?

Running today and found myself thinking about normal stuff... Work, the weekend, planning next run and was suprised to suddenly hear Laura... rather than the usual "just run as far as that tree... Oh... Where's Laura? Was sure that'd be it... Ok that bench then... Maybe the podcast has stopped... My breathing is loud... Oh look a squirrel.... Laura, yay I can walk!!'

Wondered what other people think about and if it's just me that's a bit mad.

Anyway managed w4r3 today...so happy :D


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  • well done! I remember that burning lung and legs of lead feeling and just hoping to hear her soon. That moment when you realise you can do this, the programme works, you will run for 30 minutes is just amazing. Keep going - you are doing so well

  • It depends how much I'm arguing with my Gremlins! If they're asleep & not distracting me then it can be anything:

    -What I should've said/done v what really happened.

    -What IS that man/woman/child wearing/ doing?

    - does that dog or its human look friendly?

    - where the hell am I??

    - HOW much further????

    Etc etc etc.

    Ps well done on the run. Thats great progress โ˜บ

  • Haha! I think about dogs too... Is it friendly, will it jump up? Run alongside? Trip me up? Is it the hound of the baskervilles?'

    Thanks for the praise. Feel like I'm getting somewhere!


  • I tend not to think about normal stuff really! Running is to relax from all that for me. I just listen to podcasts so not much room for thinking - plus Runkeeper keeps chipping in with times and distances!

  • I tend to listen to my music to try and keep those pesky gremlins away. Saying that, last night I was questioning myself why was I out running in the cold and dark , when I could be warm and cozy at home !!!!

  • I would like to lock my 'inner voice' up and leave it at home when I go for a run. The truth is the only word it knows is the four letter word starting in W and ending in K (keep it clean folks - that's your own inner voices guffawing).

    I am also afraid to say that even now, a few years into taking this running thing somewhat seriously - it still wins :(

  • I imagine Laura, feet up on a desk, coffee in one hand, biscuit in the other, saying in that oh so sweet voice...you can do it! I spend the next 20 minutes of the run cursing and imagining horrible things happening until she says "that's it, well done". Then she's my best friend again!!๐Ÿ˜

  • I've just started thinking about things other than how much longer it is, and why the chuff Laura hasn't pipped up. Makes me feel more like a runner and sometimes a bit annoyed Laura has interrupted my enjoyment of the given song that's playing, doesn't she realise she should wait for the tracks to change ;-)

  • Oh look at the lovely trees. Now, is that car turning or can I cross the road? Come on Laura, where are you?? Will I have to change my route tomorrow for variation? Where could I change it to? How can I avoid traffic lights and busy roads? Oh a cat! Smile at the passing runner :) What's for dinner when I get home? I wonder if my cat will be teed off that I've abandoned her for yet another run. Hmmm, maybe I should take my earbuds out and check how loudly I'm breathing. Smile at the old lady :) And where's the "Both feet on the ground" song?! I miss that one! Count to 8. 8 with the beat of the music...

    Oh endless nonsense lol

  • When I'm not worrying about how long it will take me to overhaul the walker striding ahead of me, or trying to avoid getting tangled in someone's dog lead (-although most of the people where I run are pretty good about keeping their dogs out of the way - however I did have an off-lead alsatian try to run through my knee the other day), or smiling and waving and yelling hallo to people and trying to work out if they are people I've already greeted on the other side of the lake, humming wheezily along with the music...

    I sometimes ponder on the nature of the bizarre slugs marooned on absolutely dry bits of path in the sunshine - do they like to sunbathe? Were they thrown there during some kind of slug-based conflict by slug-a-pault? Are they the dorsal fins of giant earth-whales swimming through the landscape at breakneck geological speeds? Are they snails whose houses have just been repossessed? Do they actually taste horrid, as there are loads of birds around, but none of them seem to get eaten?

    I also replay conversations and what I should have said etc.

    I sometimes compose poetry, much of which is beautiful and would doubtless win prizes for its great literary value ... if I didn't forget to write it down later!

  • I like your inner run voice! Nevermind award winning poetry, you should be writing children's books with those brilliant slug ideas. Really visual. I can see the best selling picture book already. All this exercise is good for your imagination obviously!! I'm going to try n think those kind if thoughts from now on :D

  • Thank you for sharing your voices. I like the way we visualise Laura! And so many similarities in avoiding dogs, smiling at cats... And old ladies :D

    I'll be thinking about all of you lot when I next run too now!!

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