Alternative Laura?

Whilst trying to avoid being run over by one of the hundreds of buses in Bournemouth during W3R2 this morning (I've never seen so many buses at 07:30), I got thinking about Laura.

She sounds really nice and for many people her encouraging tones are exactly what is needed...... A nice arm around the shoulder. For me, I'd respond better to someone a little more 'motivational' and 'direct'.

This got me thinking of who would make an alternative Laura..... I'd definitely run faster and further if I had Sue Sylvester from Glee barking at me that I was a pathetic wretch........ Who would other bloggers suggest as an alternative Laura?

5 Replies

  • I like it! Give it to me straight...

    How about Michael Chiklis from The Shield or Sofia Helin from The Bridge? :)

  • Saga Noren would be amazing in her highly eccentric directness. "I don't understand why you are running to lose weight. You wouldn't be fat if you ate less."

  • Lord Sugar from The Apprentice. No excuses permitted! 8-)

  • Joan Rivers? I could imagine some of the comments would be unprintable but would make me laugh! :D

  • Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser (US) I love it when she gets mean because she can be so nice too.

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