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Alternative Laura?

Whilst trying to avoid being run over by one of the hundreds of buses in Bournemouth during W3R2 this morning (I've never seen so many buses at 07:30), I got thinking about Laura.

She sounds really nice and for many people her encouraging tones are exactly what is needed...... A nice arm around the shoulder. For me, I'd respond better to someone a little more 'motivational' and 'direct'.

This got me thinking of who would make an alternative Laura..... I'd definitely run faster and further if I had Sue Sylvester from Glee barking at me that I was a pathetic wretch........ Who would other bloggers suggest as an alternative Laura?

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I like it! Give it to me straight...

How about Michael Chiklis from The Shield or Sofia Helin from The Bridge? :)


Saga Noren would be amazing in her highly eccentric directness. "I don't understand why you are running to lose weight. You wouldn't be fat if you ate less."


Lord Sugar from The Apprentice. No excuses permitted! 8-)


Joan Rivers? I could imagine some of the comments would be unprintable but would make me laugh! :D


Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser (US) I love it when she gets mean because she can be so nice too.


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