Laura made me cry!

Having overslept by 2 hours yesterday morning I didn't have time for a run so having only overslept by an hour this morning I decided that I really had to get out there. It rained and hailed and was soo windy I could hardly hear Laura or the music, I was freezing cold and Gary the Garmin didn't want to train (my fault, I wasn't touching his buttons properly ;) ) but I only went and ran 25 minutes with no stops! So chuffed that I managed W6R3 at the first attempt. I was waiting for those legendary words and they came (as lots of you know) at the end of the warm down - "You are now officially a runner" - I just burst into tears, thank goodness for the rain!

The joys of week 7 await (never thought I'd say that).

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  • What a star you are! I cried too at this stage - you are not alone :-)

  • it's a great moment :)

    Ooh you've named your Garmin Gary, nice, haven't named mine yet :)

  • What a hero! Well done x

  • well done- i cried too!!

  • Same:) well done x

  • To be called 'a runner'...well, it's just such a special moment.

    Especially if you thought it could never be you.

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