With tear in my eye and a smile on my face - yes I have graduated

With  tear in my eye and a smile on my face - yes I have graduated

Soooo happy, I finished my final run, looked at my watch and thought well thats that then.

Then it hit me whilst walking back - I have actually done it - I had a tear in my eye and could not help but smile. :-) :-)

I am happy and amazed at what can be achieved. Thank you all for your support, advice and for just being there. :-)

Image of run time attached - sorry if it seems a bit sad to do that but I am proud of it :-)

I have registered for 'park run' and for now will keep doing the 30 minute runs for another two weeks then will move on the 5K+ and then work towards 10K.

But for now I am going to revel in my small but significant achievement.

Show me to my badge!!!!!!

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  • Absolutely fabulous news, well done! :) :) :)

    What an amazing record of your run too - I am reading that right, aren't I? Five and a quarter kilometres!?! Yeeee haaaa Congratulations GRADUATE! Get that badge, flaunt it, be proud of it, grin your way through the week and have some wonderful celebrations. Cheers, Linda x :D

  • Congratulations on your graduation! And in a fantastic time as well - well done :) All the best with your journey to 10k, but keep posting on here to let us know how you're doing :)

  • Well done, isn't a great feeling to know that in only a few short weeks (well maybe it didn't always feel like short) you have done it!

    Keep on running all the way to 10k :-)

  • Congratulations! Brilliantly run - so - 5k in under 30 min??? Stunning. :)

  • More stumbling than stunning, I picked a downhill route :-)

    think my knees are going to pop out

  • congratulations and what a fantastic time :) Good luck with the rest of your journey.

  • amazing, well done, you must be made up!!! I graduate on my next run but have only managed 4.65k today....so I have a way to go. You need to celebrate now!!!

  • Can't resist this!

    4.65k is not 'only' - not by a long way! More than half of graduates did 4k or less in week 9 in a recent mini-poll, so you're doing really well. :)

  • greenlegs you are the best, thankyou, I feel so much better now, I do aim to improve ;)

  • 4.65 is fantastic. Had a glass of a nice single malt whisky. Working tomorow so not too mad. Thank you and good luck on your next run. No crazy people on bikes. :-)

  • Single malt... Perfect, and thank you! Urgg work... This is why running is so good, I find myself overwhelmed at work but I generally pull the cat out of the bag , it's a hard ride. Hope your week goes ok and well done, enjoy the malt, Julia xx

  • Congratulations! Such an inspiring post! :)

  • Very well done :-)

  • Absolutely brilliant. And no it's not sad to attach the image, you should be proud. :-)

  • Congratulations such a quick run :-)

  • Congratulations graduate, it's a wonderful feeling isn't it? :)

  • Congratulations! I love the fact that you took a picture and posted it. It is inspiring for me and for that I thank you! It makes me want to achieve what you have.

  • Excellent work! Well done on the graduation and your excellent distance!

  • Well done to you!


  • Congratulations on your graduation and amazing time/distance. Bang on target. Love the shiny new badge too (mine's yet to appear for some reason...). Happy running. :-)

  • You have it now!! :D

  • Yes, stupid to feel emotional about what is after all just a bit web coding, but I've a big grin on my face. Made my day. :D

  • Thank you so much. You helped me along the way. I sent a message to the administrator chap and got my badge. Drop him another line on the message tab. :-)

  • Mine's just appeared... FEEDBACK button did it for me.

    Just seen an enlargement of your pic on your profile page: WOW! Did you do that?

    Happy running! :D

  • Fantastic result and congratulations to you! A lot of us had a tear at this point; an emotional journey indeed! Welcome to the Grad Club!! :)


  • better late than never. Huge congrats to you!

  • Excellent! Well done. You should be dead proud. Smart watch by the way. I want one!

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