W5R2 "The longest I have ever ran in my entire life!"

It was for just 8 minutes. 01:30 AM, I think this would be my last late evening run. No more working late hopefully.


2 X 8 minutes.


If I had been told by anyone that I can run for that long until a few weeks ago, I would have responded, "Whatcha smoking?"


This took some serious commitment looking back at my posts and remembering those times. I have got my first 20 minutes W5R3 tomorrow and I am anxious 😩 if I can do it.


I think until now the longest non-continuous session lasted 16 minutes with walking breaks in between. 20 minutes continuous session tomorrow would be my longest in this programme.

I am nervous to the point it might even break my will to continue the programme.


It never occurred to me have a running buddy until now. I think I am starting to miss my imaginary "would have been running buddy" telling me to suck it up and get out there tomorrow.




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15 Replies

  • Hi, like you I too was dreading my first 20 minute run but the elation when you do it is SO worthwhile. Don't panic & don't push yourself too hard, slow and steady will get you through it. I completed W8 R2 yesterday which was my 2nd 28 minute run, not saying it was easy but I did it, which, like you, 7 weeks ago I just would not have believed it was possible for me to do. Stick to the programme and have faith ....... it is possible!! 😃😃 A big well done for all you have achieved so far, keep it going & let us know how you got on 👍

  • Thank You! :) And Well Done! on W8R2. To me It seems like a long way away for now.

  • Suck it up and get out there! 😉

    I remember that second set of 8 minutes. I was saying 'please Laura, please' begging for it to end!

    You are doing SO, SO, SO well. And you can do the next one, and the one after that and the one after that. Run 3 is a bit mind over matter but totally doable. We're all right behind you, willing you on. Go for it nchunc, slow and steady, imagine you're doing run 2 again and just doing a faster walk break. You've got this...☺

  • Thank you. The 8 min runs were not easy either. It just that I wanted to place the emphasis on the big one tomorrow which made it seem like they were.

    Still, it’s interesting that it has come to this mind over matter thing. I hadn't thought of it that way. I might even pull up Richard Dawkins or Neil DeGrasse Tyson or David Attenborough podcasts discussing science and try to kill the 20 minutes rather than thinking of how wobbly and jelly like my legs are.

  • OK nchunc ! Suck it up Buttercup!! Don't you dare give up...xx

  • :) :)

  • I'm sure you can do it! Just get out there and see what happens!! :)

  • I am definitely taking a day's rest before tackling W5D3.

    What time are you planning on setting off tomorrow nchunc? Happy to run beside you in spirit - I can call it my practice run...!

  • Thank you! I am planning on running at 8 PM.

    I will remember this whilst running! :)

  • Be confident nchunc..

    You can do it, break it up in your head to four lots of five minutes, start very slowly ,relax your shoulders, no fist clenching. You are going to be amazing😁

    Well done on R2... enjoy that success and take that positive attitude with you tomorrow.x

  • :)

  • You can do this!! We all felt the same at this point in the programme and made it through the other side. Think of Laura as your running buddy. Don't start off too fast and you will be able to run for the 20 mins. Good luck :)

  • Well done, I'm on W5R3 tomorrow too and feel very much like yourself. But I'm going to give it my best shot and so long as we don't try and break any speed records I'm sure we can do it. You can consider me you long distance running buddy if you like :D We got this x

  • OMG. W5R3 for me tomorrow too. doing it on my treadmill. I have over the last couple of runs tried to not obsess about the time. I avoid looking at the timer and break it down into chunks, time wise. xx

  • Good wishes! :) you can do it!

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