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WEEK 1 X 2

Hi am new to c25k and to blogging. Have found this site inspiring as have just repeated week 1 but have one more week1 run before moving up to week2. This week have gone further than the first week but also have painful knees I put this down to my weight (15 stone) and complete lack of fitness. Cant believe I feel ready to up the pace already. Will keep you posted on progress. Anyone got some tips?

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Well done for starting & just keep going! I'm 14.5 stone and have managed to get to the end of it. Keep an eye on your knees though - maybe ask your dr for physio exercises you can do to keep them happy?


I am also 15 stone and 60yrs old (not sure where the years have gone). I have just started again as injury stopped me finishing last year. Repeat weeks if you need to and always believe you can do it !! Good luck


OMG ... Maybe we should form a splinter group for those over 14 stones - cos I'd join! :)

I'm fast approaching graduation day after starting in first week of Feb. Am also over 60 and asthmatic. In the beginning, I couldn't complete the one minute runs but I stuck with it and repeated attempts for, I think, 5 times before moving on. I've repeated some other runs too, and sometimes left myself more than one day between runs to properly rest my legs. I took advice about correct running shoes and the best advice from this forum about taking things very slowly! If you maintain little more than a brisk walk, keeping your legs almost under your body and making your footfall as gently as possible, you will significantly reduce the likelihood of injury.

Since new shoes, a slow but steady pace, and resting properly, I haven't looked back! I am completely hooked by this programme and reckon my health, fitness and stamina have improved beyond imagination. My asthma hasn't bothered me for weeks!

There are heaps of helpful websites about 'runners' knees' and even some advice on here. If they continue to give you pain, please seek medical opinion. I am certain that you will find a way to complete the programme. Stick with it and believe the blogs on its effectiveness.

I'm now hoping that with regular longer runs, and watching my food intake I might shed a few pounds/stones, but weight loss wasn't my prime objective. Some folk seem to have lost weight from day one. Good luck with the weeks ahead ... and believe in the power of Laura to help you through! Take care, Linda :)


Thanks for your advice will take it on board and will start the strength and flex download for the days when i am resting. Will let you know how the next run goes. Iwill keep going its great to know there are other people sharing the same experiences and to see that finishing is achievable


Hi Sam. I found taking an extra rest day between runs really helped with my creaky knees. Also something I do is after a run is shower my knees with cold water for as long as I can (5 mins or more). This helps to relieve any inflammation. You should also try following the tags as there is loads of other advice. Good luck. :)


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