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Week 6, Runs 1 and 2 - a struggle

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Just got in from Run 2. Must have looked like a beetroot and God knows what I sounded like at the end of the running section. Probably like a puffing billy! Is anyone else aware of being a noisy breather, gasping for air at the end or is it just me?!

Didn't get a chance to blog about run 1 as I had to go up to South Wales on Friday to visit my aunt. Both runs have gone ok, as in I've got through them. Run 1 was a real struggle and I suspect it was because only 24 hours previously we'd done a lot of running, mostly tag sprinting, at boxing class on Thursday evening. So my legs were probably still recovering from that.

But I've had a full day off yesterday so should've been back to full strength today. I think others have posted before that Week 6 seems a struggle after completing the 20 minute run from week 5 and I'd have to agree. I changed my route today thinking that might help but did wonder if I'd gone a bit too far turning right away from home instead of left back towards home when I left the park. But it worked about about right in the end with my cool down walk ending just yards from my front door.

I'm now starting to seriously worry how I'll ever do 25 minutes on Tuesday evening. I guess I'll have to keep repeating the mantra over the next 48 hours - trust in Laura!

5 Replies
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Noisy breathing I can relate too, I think I would take the gold medal if there was such a competition :) I'm asthmatic too so if I've really pushed myself hard the old wheeze can start up too, adds another instrument to the orchestra ;)

Don't worry about week 6, you've done the prep so you can do this run. I think most of us had a visit from the old demon monkey that week, but think positively, don't worry, relax and start slowly, get into a steady comfortable stride and all will go well. Forget about speed, its not impostant at this stage in your running, what matters is keeping going for the time. We are all routing for you and all the others who are working through this brilliant programme.

Its works, believe in the programme and most important of all believe in yourself.

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Hey, well done you and NO beating yourself up! Beetroot is this season's black, wear it with pride LOL. And yes, the week 6 runs are very different from those you did in week 5. As for the breathing noises.... woooooophewwww think loads of us have been there :D and with asthma too. I just turned up the volume on my music so I couldn't hear it ;)

Please don't worry about your next run, this programme is wonderfully organised to take you through the increases. Listen to your body (not just the breathing) and with your other fitness activities too, I am sure it will let you know if it needs more than one day to prepare for the next stage. Remember too that this isn't a race ... take things slowly and steadily - it is perfectly possible to jog/run slower than a brisk walk .... and taking things slowly in the early weeks will reduce the stresses and impact on your feet/knees/legs.

You'll get there, and now the sun's shining, sooner than you think! Look forward to hearing about your graduation in May :D

Cheers, Linda x

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I echo Linda's thoughts. I too have the music up so loud I can't hear my breathing. It'd probably worry me sick and stop me in my tracks. ;-) Enjoy your run on Tuesday.

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Thanks guys. I will, of course, post the results!

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I'm always the colour of beetroot even 30 mins post run! Stock to the programme and trust yourself and Laura. You can do it. I think after 20 minutes we expect the next 2 runs to be a breeze but it's just preparing us for 25 mins and beyond. Good luck and keep telling yourself you can do it :)

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