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Week 6 Runs 1, 2 & 3 - and a possible problem.

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I can't say I wasn't warned by all the posts in this weeks Topic area but run one still came as a bit of a shock to me after the high of last weeks final run. My legs felt like ton weights during the last five minutes - to the point where I wondered if I was going to make it.

I did, but I think the thing that quickly became apparent this week is that the more breaks there are, the harder it is to complete the run. Consequently, the "easiest" run for me was the last one - but I'm sure had I gone straight for the full R3 25 minutes it would have been a disaster!

I'm looking forward to week 7 with some straight runs without breaks - getting going after a break was the hardest part of the earlier runs for me. One thing might get in the way however. I have very hard skin on my heels and I've developed two small vertical splits on either side of my right heel, about half an inch long. The first appeared three weeks ago (I've ignored it) and the other I noticed just this week. They don't bleed and aren't overly painful, just sore, but I wonder if I need to do anything about them. Any advice gratefully received!

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I totally agree, I was so happy to stop the walk breaks and just run. I could easily run slower so I could run for longer but I got to the stage when I did not want the relief of walking followed by winding up again to run! Soon you will be able to just run. However, I think the programme is very good in preparing us for longer runs by using walk breaks and they do their job early on

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Good for you and yes, for many of us week 6 is tough mostly because we are already at the stage where the loss of rhythm from the walking break outweighs the benefit of rest.

That's pretty amazing when you think about where you were just a few short weeks ago, right?

As regards your heels, are you wearing proper running socks? They have some padding/protection for the heel area.

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I also have hard skin on my feet and was getting split skin (sometimes painful). Last year I found CCS Foot Care Cream and Heel Balm. They seemed to have good reviews and they work! You have to use them regularly, but they have stopped splits on my heels.

Good luck with week 7 - the end is in sight! :)

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Regarding your heels, use a pumice stone regularly in the bath/shower and then apply Vaseline when you get out under socks. A cheap and effective solution which will gradually return your heels to smoothness!

Good luck with Week 7 :)

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I get those heel things and find the easiest thing to do is just to cover them in a wee plaster. They don't heal up if your skin is dry but if it's nice and moist under a plaster they heal very quickly without any cream or anything being needed.

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TractormanGraduate in reply to AnneDroid

Heel things?

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AnneDroidGraduate in reply to Tractorman

You call them vertical splits. I call them hacks - or heel things!

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TractormanGraduate in reply to AnneDroid

Aha! With you - sorry, had a senior moment there (again!) :-)

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Can't help with the heel issue. But wanted to say well done on Run 1 of wk 6 and agree its great how this program works by getting you ready for the big ones!. Good luck with R2 slow and steady now..and then you're all set to start the graduation runway.😊

Go you..

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Well done you! I totally agree - From W7, 8 & 9 were definitely the most enjoyable parts of the programme for me. Leaving those intervals behind can make a big difference. No experience of the sore heels I'm afraid but hope that doesn't get in the way of the next few weeks for you.

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