Couch to 5K

Week 2, run 1 complete - and now I'm broken!

I had a little twinge as I began yesterday's run, and by the end of it it was really hurting. I stuck to the run and completed it (which in hindsight was probably really stupid but I felt like I'd be failing if I didn't complete it, because it wasn't the running itself I was having trouble with, my breathing was fine etc and I felt physically able to move onto week 2 and slightly longer running - but just the pain I started to struggle with at the end) but by the time I got home I was really hurting. Spent yesterday evening resting it, elevated it in bed, woke up this morning in even more pain and even hurt to walk to work. It's swollen today as well (although admittedly I've seen worse when I sprained my ankle a few summers ago).

My dilemma - I'm doing Race for Life in 6 weeks and I can't afford to stop training! What can I do to get better and back on my runs as soon as possible? Resting and ice packs of course will be on the agenda tonight, but what else? And how long will it take for me to be okay to run again?

I've also bought a knee support and running insole for when I can go back out!

Thanks so much in advance!

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Oh poor you. It sounds like you're doing all the right things, I don't think you can rush the body healing, just allow it it's own time, frustrating though. Fingers crossed it's all better in time. Hugs for now x


Thanks - and yes it's SO frustrating!! x


Lucy I was like that at the end of wk2, I rested ( took a frustrating week ) I bought knee supports ( £1 each in pound store, was told on here they work as well as the expensive ones and they do ) I did the strength / workout from this site, and I walked as soon as I could. Once I dared try again I did feel my knee but it wore off and I do believe it was my body getting use to doing something I had never expected of it before. Going by all the posts on here a lot of people feel it on week 2, so dont despair. I got a 5k race for life in July, and if worst comes to worst I will have to speed walk it, not on my agenda but an option . Good Luck girlie xx


Thanks, this is really reassuring. What's the strength workout? Where can I find it please? Still getting used to the site! Thanks again :) x


The strength work out thingy is on this page the NHS page. Must say my knees were so sore this am, so considering gait analysis, watch this space ( might be something you should consider maybe ? )


I tend to err on the side of caution so would suggest you get it checked out by a doctor if you are still in pain now. With the R4L looming you might not want to take chances. Good luck and best wishes.


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