5x50 - how's it going, everyone?

Blue and silver pom-poms today! I hope you all have this lovely spring weather that I have here - I don't know about you, but I find it's always easier getting out for some exercise when the weather is kind. Or of course you could be in tropical places and be wishing for cooler weather :D

What have you all been up to? Have you tried any new forms of exercise? Are you managing to fit in all the extra? Has it become just an ordinary part of your day?

I'm still cheering you on like mad from the sidelines. Oh, and it must be time to hand out the orange slices again - here you go :D


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33 Replies

  • Mmmm - thanks for the orange. It was delicious, juicy and very welcome!

    Looking at the stats on mmcinteractive.com/5x50 (ergo the MalcyMeter) we seemed to start with a fit of enthusiasm but soon settled down to a more sustainable level of activity (that was certainly the case for myself). The line on the chart has been gradually going down, but there's been a bounce back up a bit since the middle of this week, which is good.

    We're now just over 1/3 of the way through the challenge and by the end of this weekend, the C25K team should have broken the 8,000km mark (!) - I don't know about everyone else, but I think that's quite an amazing achievement. Sure, some of those km were down to cycling, but on the other hand some team members are doing exercise classes or some such and not logging any km for them. So, overall, the 8k km is probably about right.

    Keep cheering us on. The middle 20 days is likely to be the danger period. The novelty will have worn off, and we're not yet in sight of the finish line. But I know our team won't give up. Not now. Not having come this far.

    Am I right, team?

  • That's great to hear, Malcy, and what a fantastic total of kms! I agree about the middle period of the challenge. It's easy to find the enthusiam at the start, and it's encouraging when you can see the end, but the middle can be tricky, when everyone is tired.

    So you're all doing brilliantly, and I think the Malcymeter is one of the things that's encouraging people :)

    Go team!

  • We've leapt over 8000 km tonight (Saturday) and are now at 8163 km. If we'd set off from London, we'd now be in Beijing, China!

  • Sorry Malcy I hadn't been updating my stats! I have now done it up to now and have boosted my average a bit!

  • Absolutely Malcy! I'm just back from a 20k bike ride through beautiful Spring countryside in the sun so I'm on a bit of an 'exercisers' high'! It's much easier completing the challenge when the weather is half decent! Best wishes everyone! :)

  • Wow, Oona, 20k! Brilliant - it's so inspiring to hear how people are doing. Keep it up :)

  • > It's much easier completing the challenge when the weather is half decent!

    This makes a big difference. It's a joy to be out in this warmer weather, and especially lovely to feel the sun on bare arms and legs! ;-)

  • You are such a wonderful cheerleader and motivator Annie, we luv ya!! ;)

    The email from the 5x50 team today said that over this weekend we hit days 19-21 and that research shows that performing an activity for this number of days makes it easier for it to become a habit. Also, the mental effort of thinking about when to do it or how to fit it in should be greatly reduced now. Well I concur with both the above.

    It really is now becoming a habit and something I am just doing almost without thinking. It is an amazing feeling and I really hope that I can continue with it past the 50 days, just like Theresa (TJFlute) and her amazing 100 day challenge! :) Today I ran my second 10k with relative ease and I'm sure it is partly down to the increased activity of the challenge!

    The novalty certainly isnt wearing off for me and I wont be giving up!

    Thanks for your continued support Annie, you are as much a part of our great team as anyone of us so be proud too! We are going to need you more than ever over the next few weeks...... :O

    Sue x

  • Awww, Sue, it's you lot that are so wonderful! It's easy-peasy to sit here on the sidelines, munching on black olives and slurping Tempranillo, cheering you on electronically :D

    It does look as though you are all comfortable with fitting your chosen form of exercise into the day now. At the start there were quite a few comments about 'don't know what to do tomorrow' and now you all just get on with it - brilliant!

    And woo-hoo for your 10k! Think back to your first weeks with c25k - did you ever think you'd post that? You are amazing :) x

  • Thanks Annie, I can't emphasise how valuable your support is! Go team, we're doing amazingly well! :)

  • You are doing brilliantly! I think what strikes me most is that it does seem to be just a part of your day now - which is exactly what it was supposed to do, of course.

    You are the best team ever :)

  • 21 runs completed and I'm really, really enjoying it .... looking forward to reaching the halfway mark on Wednesday

    Lessons learnt so far

    1) I'm generating some amount of washing

    2) I suit running tights ;-)

    3) Lidl's chocolate covered coffee beans are like rocket fuel for early morning runs :-)

  • I love the lessons learned! I'm so pleased to hear you're enjoying it as well - I did worry a bit when suddenly several people were posting that they were tired. I think it's amazing that you are all doing something every single day - and I'm a bit ashamed that I wimped out, to tell you the truth. You're doing great - keep it up :)

    Perhaps the chocolate covered coffee beans might have done the trick... :D

  • I must check out the beans next time I am in Lidl, thanks for the tip! :)

  • I concur with the increased amount of washing ! ;-)

  • Thanks for the support Annie. perfect choice of colours for a day like today.

    Felt like a bit of a cheat today as we went to Norfolk and walked miles to and across the beach at Holkham. Days like this (with a picnic thrown in) feel like a gift, especially after the long winter.

    I'm off to Lidl (or lidless as spellchecker kept insisting on putting) as soon as I can for some of that rocket fuel - sounds delicious PastyMan.

  • ooh, lovely - how can you think that's cheating, though? You are allowed to enjoy it, you know :D I know what you mean about the gift - but you're doing brilliantly and you deserve it, so enjoy!

    And yes, I was considering chocolate covered coffee beans... mmmm!

  • Finding 5x50 good motivation to get out each day one way or another. Still some days where work gets in the way.

    As well as the Parkrun this morning I spent the afternoon washing and scrubbing the patio and deck to get rid of the muck from the winter. Not many k's but hard work!

  • I hope the parkrun went well? Wow, fancy having the energy to scrub the patio afterwards! I'm glad you're finding the motivation - keep it up, you're doing great :)

  • I've really enjoyed the challenge so far, generally on non-running days, I walk at lunch and then top up with a quick cycle in the evening. But my bike isn't very good, as it's too small (and I've been enjoying the freedom of a bike) so I've treated myself to a new one, dead excited, should get it Tuesday and I'm planning to commute a couple of times per week, with a run one way and a cycle the other, and I'm already planning a bike ride up the coast for he weekend :D

  • Glad you're enjoying it, and getting a new bike is a fantastic result! Have a lovely coastal ride :)

  • What bike did you go for in the end?

  • Carrera Crossfire 2

  • That looks a nice bike - enjoy ! :-)

  • Nice. Looks good :)

  • Oh...thanks for your never ending support Annie :-) It's amazing how quickly it becomes part of your routine. Everything is planned around the exercise of the day.

    I have just graduated from C25K and am starting the C25K+ from Monday as I have signed up for 2 fun runs. On other days I swim and on Sundays a long walk. Thought I would change it a little to have an easier day on legs so I have started Strength&Flex. There is absolutely nothing easy about it....;) but there is more emphasis on the arms.

    Keep up your wonderful support and hopefully you will be part of the team next year :-D

  • It's so great to hear about the ways you are all finding to do something every day. I'm well impressed by the way you mix it up :) And yes, definitely next year. I'm feeling guilty because I would have been able to do it so far, but after next week I am travelling loads and it just wouldn't have been possible at all. I'll keep cheering you on :)

  • I was away yesterday, so just catching up. Thanks for the oranges again, Annie!

    I'm still doing something every day, though yesterday and today it was gardening, which I counted as 5k/30min even though I was active for longer than that, as it was a bit on and off activity-wise. It included balancing on top of a wall, to reach tall branches for pruning, so all that Swiss ball balancing came in useful!

    First proper yoga class (since about 25 years ago) tomorrow - I've done a bit from internet videos, but I'm really looking forward to using my brand new mat, and having a proper 'live' teacher!

  • You're welcome! Gardening can be pretty hard work so I would have thought it counted for more than that, especially if you were balancing on walls - eek! :O

    Enjoy your yoga class and let us know how it goes.

  • Loving the motivation from the blogs and well as the 5x50 itself. I now notice a day when I don't do something properly active, so it's obviously working its magic.

    Doing the "equivalent" calculation still bothers me a bit. I put in 40K for an 8+ hour strenuous mountain walk/climb, when the guideline says 5k per half hour - but honestly putting in 80K was just preposterous! Mind you my legs and arms feel like they did every centimetre of it :)

  • Oh my goodness, an 8 hour mountain climb sounds totally knackering - well done you! I had to giggle at the suggested 80k though :D Keep it up - you're all doing brilliantly!

  • Love the pom-pom colors Annie!!!! We are so lucky to have you cheering us on!!!! :-) Like some of the others have stated, we plan to continue on with the challenge, no quitting for us. Our biggest difficulty to the challenge has been our horrible weather especially since Steve and I decided to work the program doing a walking or running 5K distance daily. We've had gale force winds as well as snow and bitter cold...in April!!! Silly weather!!! ;-( We are averaging over 25 miles each for a week total. This week, Steve and I will each break the 100 mile mark for the challenge this far. Hmmmmm, new trainers in the future?? ;-) We are finding it easier to fit the time in each day. We decided if we can fit in the time daily for 50 days, then it should be easier going back to 3 x a week runs and a few walks a week with no excuses. Before we blamed weather etc. and procrastinated going on out. Thank you for cheering us on, you really brighten our day when we see you blogging and cheering us on. :-) Gayle

  • I think you're doing especially well considering your horrible weather. 100 miles? Amazing! I think I would need new legs, not just new trainers :D It's great to hear that you are finding it easier to fit in the time. I guess this is part of the aim of the challenge, to make sure that you see the exercise as just a normal part of your day. Go you! You are both awesome :)

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