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Half Marathoners - How's the training going?

So my half marathon is getting closer (September) and I know there was a few other folk training for halfs too around the same time. Presuming you are all still lurking, how is the training going guys?

I did my long run for the week yesterday and managed 13k, just over half way and that 21km still seems a long way off! I took off my shoe after my run and one of my socks was soaked in blood eek! It was just a tiny cut from my toenail but freaked me out a bit. Appart from that injury free and hoping it stays that way. I also really need to practice running with a water bottle, I've managed to run without one so far but getting to the point where I will need to carry one.

My aim for this month is to get my long runs up to the 15k point and also get a sub 30min 5k - can't believe I haven't managed that yet it, it's annoying me so much! I've been slacking off on my speed runs so should probably try to fit more of them in to get my time down.

Happy running everyone :D

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Hi there! I am coming up to finishing week 2 of the bupa half marathon training and it's easy so far. This week the long run is 5 miles but I'm doing the 5k Race for Life instead.

Then it gets serious! Each long run lengthens by 2 miles. I have to do intervals too which I don't usually do so that's a new challenge. Also there is four runs in each week, and I usually run every other day (so 3 one week and 4 the next) I haven't decided whether to keep going as usual or do the 4 a week yet, but it would mean that I'd be down 6 runs over the 12 week plan, so that's actually quite a lot. I'd better stick to what they say!

Good luck with your training and well done with the 13k!!



Umm yes well, it struck me the other day that it is getting close - 6 weeks!!!!!!!!


Must concentrate on stretching my longer runs out a bit now more regularly. I am not follwing a programme particularly.

I tend to do 10k a couple of times a week then a 12/13/14 K one at the weekend. Over the next month need to stretch this out to nearer 18 I think.

I don't think I am worried at this stage about completion assuming I don't break somewhere along the line but I have a pace in mind I want to achieve. So like in all things I set my own bar level anf therefore only have myself to blame!

Windsor 10K race tomorrow, very muddy I suspect but I have a couple of weeks off now so have some time to do a few longer ones.


Let us know how the Windsor 10k goes and good luck with it!

Is yours really only 6 weeks away? That makes end of August; not long to go then :)


oh phew 8 weeks then! 6 weeksish then must be the c25k jamboree!


How did the 10k go Greg? I admire that you can do a couple of 10ks a week on top of your long run! I'm still at the stage where I need to break mine up into a few shorter runs during the week. That may well be more of a mental block than physical.

Since you'll be running your HM before us you can report back on how easy it was to reassure us haha!


Wow Rose885 thats how you managed to do Parkrun last Saturday and looked as if you had just been for a stroll in the park at the end of it! Well done you, will look forward to hearing how your big one goes in September.


Oh you are too kind! I think that had more to do with the cooling breeze and pelting rain disguising my beetroot face ;) Very pleased to have managed that all illusive sub 30min time this weekend though, hope it wasn't a fluke!


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