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5x50 challenge - I'm finally in!!

So after much patience (I don't do waiting!) I've finally had my registration issues sorted and can start inputting my exercise WAAAAHOOOOO

I haven't done much running (well only 1 run since the start of the challenge) as I've commited to loads of exercise classes with a friend...

So my question is this...

We are currently doing 2 exercise classes most evenings, either 45 mins zumba & 45 mins of kettlebells or 45mins each of zumba & pilates.. Do I count this as 10Km, 15km or somewhere inbetween? I know on the site it states 30mins of exercise is to be logged as 5k but I don't want to look like I'm superwoman!

Thanks in advance :D

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Woo hoo!! Just saw your activity and yes you are in; welcome at long last!! :)

So it's a full hour and half and you work your butt off during it so I wouldn't have any problem recording it as 15k. It's not about being superwoman it's about exercising for 30 mins or more and you are doing that so track it with a clear conscience!

I did read on FB this morning that they had been going through all the members manually to make sure all charity donations were being logged correctly and were sorting out logging-on problems too so that must be why you are now on. Brilliant!

Sue x


Thanks Sue - I put my 1st one on as 10k but then wondered if I might be underselling myself!

Time to update my profile :D


Yay! Welcome officially to the team! Glad it's all (finally!) sorted :)


Thank you, so am I, I was beginning to think they had forgotten me!


Yes!!! Big welcome!!!!



and you are superwoman ;)


Thank you, not quite superwoman, I could never do the pants/tights combo :D


Yippeeeee!!! Finally!!!! ;-) Gayle


Thanks Gayle :D


Glad you're in properly at last doggymum - and the others too. :)

That's a lot of exercising you're doing!


Thanks Greenlegs, me too.

It's definitely more exercise than I'm used to thats for sure!


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