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W9R1 and 5x50 all going great :)

Well I started W9 on Monday and it went sooooo well. I didn't go fast but just my usual steady pace and I had no problems, except one and I hate to say was the sun!!

I know, I know, complaining for months about the crap weather and now it's here still The problem was the same as others on this sight, winter clothing. OMG I was so hot....I tried to keep running in the shade which helped a bit. For the next run on Wednesday it will be t-shirt and shorts until I can buy some summer gear. I think I will also have to take a drink with me as I was so thirsty.

I think I will consider changing my running to mornings instead of evenings as I think they might be a bit cooler. I'm making it sound like it was tropical, but I only live in not so sunny Belgium..and it was only 17°c but that is such a huge difference compared to the last 2 months :)

On Sunday we went for a beautiful long walk (18km) with our walking club. The sun was out all day and the birds were so happy. Lots of signs of Spring finally. Today I swam 44 lengths which adds up to 5km in 5x50 because it took me 30mins. I am going to start the Strength and Flex programme to have an easier day on the challenge.....easier in terms of not so much leg work ;)

Sorry for the long post....keep going all of you and enjoy the lovely weather :-D

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It's surprising how a little bit of sunshine can heat you up, isn't it? I'm stretch and flexing today too, to keep my face out of the sun, as even with sunscreen and a hat, it flares up and gets really sore. Boo hoo. Not sure how I'm going to get round that one really. Though it might be the wind more than the sun, haven't quite figured it out yet.

We have frogspawn in our garden pond now - so spring is definitely here. All the bulbs look lovely too - I love the scent of hyacinths. Mmmmmm!

Hope you can keep cool enough to enjoy the rest of your graduation week - wow! :)


Thanks greenlegs, and keep your face well covered. I use a high factor in my day cream as I have very sensitive skin. It seems to help :)


Well done Rockchick, not long now, graduation well within your sights :D

Can you send some warm weather here please!


I don't think I can send it as far as Aberdeenshire!!!! You did know it was bloody cold up there when you moved, didn't you? Anyway I'm wishing it your way for the very near future :)


It's colder than I expected :( lol, thanks for the wishes though!


Enjoy Graduation week to the fullest! Happy the challenge and C25K is going so well for you! :-) Gayle


Thanks Gayle, it's a bit scary sometimes how well it is going....I hope it's not the calm before the :-D


Excellent result rockchick. 30 minutes is a long time to keep going - at any speed. (As I know only too well - having fallen short in W9R2.)

I agree about the weather. The temperatures are jumping all over the place here (29C on Sunday, 18C today), but the morning is the time to run, I think. Normally nice and cool, so you don't overheat or burn.

I have a lot of great memories of Belgium - many weekends in the Ardennes forest and some wonderful restaurants. :)


Wow atlantic coast of France....beautiful :) I live a bit far from the Ardennes but we go there for weekends:) Definately good restaurants over here.....hence the need to diet and exercise. I am going to try the mornings but it does depend on my planning.

Keep going with your running you are almost there, we graduate at the same time ;-)


I, too, would recommend early morning if at all possible. Haven't you ever noticed how in the evening concrete/stone/brick/asphalt releases all the heat it's absorbed during the day? Not a problem if you run in the country of course, but then there are those pesky midges and flies at twilight... 8-)

Good luck with your final runs... :-)

Good to see so many people doing Strength&Flex, too. Have just posted this Q on the S&F blog... (needed livening up a bit).



I'll have a look at your is a bit boring the S&F blog, but I think it's because we all write on here :)

I will try the mornings but it does depend on my planning for the week. It might mean having to get up super early.....not sure about that yet ;-)


Don't be sorry about the long post, it's lovely to hear how you're doing and to hear such enthusiasm too :) It is a great idea to have days for non leg work, but it's interesting how these days start to feel like rest days, even though we're still doing something! How our perception of exercise changes through the 5x50 challenge..

Early morning for me too here in balmy England ;)


My attitude to exercise has taken a complete u-turn!! Never though in a million years that I would want to do something everyday!! And I even plan it down to a tee, so there is no chance of not doing it...addicted I think :)

I'm so proud of everyone doing the challenge....we are doing so well :-)


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