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5x50 - go, team, go!

You can do this! One final push this evening and tomorrow! You are the best team in the entire world and I will be out there with you tomorrow, whatever the weather :O

You're all invited to the celebrations tomorrow evening (for those of us in the UK - for those of you elsewhere I hope you can manage to fit it into your day :) ) Partaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. And we'll have another party after the 5x100 challenge completes :)

P.P.S. I will also be setting up a counselling service for those of you who, inevitably, will feel a little lost after this marvellous challenge completes :D

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Whoop! Whoop! You've done such a good job, Annie. :)

My, I really deserve a party now. :D

I think I might miss it - well, maybe I'll just carry on anyway. With occasional days off perhaps. :)


I bet you'll all carry on in some way. Perhaps you might grant yourselves a bit of rest occasionally. But I think this is long enough to instill a habit - which is, after all, the point!

Enjoy tomorrow :)


I can't believe it's nearly at an end, where did the time go? Thanks Annie, your support is so encouraging. I can hardly move today (due to the gym yesterday) but still trying to get as many kilometres as I can walking very, very slowly!


Slow is fine! I think the time flew because you enjoy it :) Have a great day tomorrow :)


Thank you Annie! I may pass on the counseling service for at least a week or two! ;-) We walked our 5K today before storms hit! We are under a tornado watch...predicting several of them actually and the potentional of softball size hailstones. Didn't want to get bonked in the head! If we survive the storms, we are finishing the challenge tomorrow with a 5K run locally for a young child with cancer. Thank you very being the very best cheerleader in the whole wide world! You don't realize how much your encouragement has meant! Gayle


Welll done for walking today, and fantastic to hear what you're doing tomorrow :) Fingers crossed for no hailstorms :O It's easy to be a cheerleader for such a great team :)


Thankyou xx its been a bit of a struggle this week with illnesses ect but pleased I've made it to the end, think ill carry on doing more than before but I will have more rest days :-)

Thanks for your support I've really enjoyed reading it x


Sorry you've been poorly, but you'll finish strong tomorrow, I'm sure! You have done brilliantly to get to the end, and I bet you will continue - although rest days are good! Have a great day tomorrow :)


Just back from the Isle of Skye and a tough walk in the thick mist (visibility was less than 50 m) and blowing a hoolie.

Mind you, we had it easy compared to the 50 hill runners (our son included) who were competing in the Trotternish Ridge race - described as

"16 miles 6000ft ascent approx. The course is unmarked and there are few paths. The race is over rough and steep terrain. Runners are expected to make their own way between six checkpoints, therefore runners must be competent with map and compass."

Our son, along with others (about a third of the field of 50), had to bail out, due to fatigue brought on by the extreme weather conditions.


AAARGHHH. And we have the gall to bleat about our piddling little difficulties?

Supermen and Superwomen, every one of them!


Yuk. I would not much like walking in mist unless I was following a very clearly marked road.

Hope your son is ok after his exertions - it sounds like a rather extreme race, that one!


Just saw the pics.

"Welcome to sunny Scotland. Experience the magnificent views!" :)

Best wishes, Malcy.


Wow - the Trotternish sounds really scary :O I'm in awe of the fact that your son entered. It's a shame your walk wasn't in better weather, but well done for doing anything in mist!


Approaching midnight and the start of the final day of the Challenge - our total is a massive 19460km. Just 560 to go! We're so close. It's still a big ask, but one last push and we could scrape over that magic number ...

Who's the best in all the land?

Whose the team that real can?

Who can run like bam bam bam (sorry - it was all I could think of)

We can We can We can can!

Right Annie - that's the cheer leaders singing their song.

Oranges Ready ...

Pom Poms Pommed ...

5-4-3-2-1- Go Annie Go. GO FOR IT!


Hey, you're a fantastic cheerleader! How's your baton-twirling? And the back flips? :D

I only wish I could donate my pitiful 5k tomorrow, Malcy, but I know you all can do it, because you are the best team in the whole wide world. Go, team!


Thanks as ever Annie. The champagne is chilling and I'm ready to celebrate tomorrow after attempting a 12k run - the furthest distance ever for me... :O Yes, we are the bestest team ever!!

Sue :)


Wow, 12k! You'll deserve that champagne! :-)


All the best with that 12k - you can do this!!!


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