5x50 - I'm still cheering you all on!

I keep seeing the occasional blog about how someone's doing, or that your stats are the best of the whole 5x50 team challenge (woo-hoo!). How are you all feeling? I get the impression that the exercise is just a regular part of your day now :) Are you still mixing it up? Is it getting easier, or is tiredness becoming a problem?

In order to take my mind off the MoP's increasingly bizarre demands in my Swiss Ball class, I was trying to calculate the effort involved. I found it really hard, because the movements are very small (until I fall off with a splat) but the effort expended can be quite high. How are you dealing with the calculations for alternative exercise? Is that working out for you?

It's a lovely sunny morning here, so today's pompoms are very spring-like - yellow and blue :) Oh, and I nearly forgot your orange slices - here you go!


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40 Replies

  • Thanks Annie!

    It's become part of my daily routine like brushing my teeth and cleansing my skin I suppose. I now just get out of bed and run/walk or exercise. My thighs are feeling it, I must say, they are quite er...turgid? Lactic acid? Who knows!

    Orange slices took me back to school -- we used to get them in the intervals during netball matches :-P keep up the pompoms! xox

  • That's exactly what's meant to happen, isn't it? Fantastic, that you don't think about it much, you just Nike :D And I bet you are now the possessor of very shapely thighs, Delia! Glad you enjoyed the oranges :)

  • After yesterdays Parkrun effort my legs are tired; off to the airport soon to collect daughter and new hubby from their honeymoon, then we're all going out for dinner, so looks like today will be a quick spin out on the bike again just to get the 5k in!

    Back to reality, home tonight and work tomorrow after 3 weeks off; will be nice to get back into my own routine with no grandson to look after so will be able to plan exercise around work hours again. It is really becoming a habit now, I feel guilty if I haven't completed it early in the day; but am happy to hop on the bike after dark to get the k's in! :-)

    Shake those pom poms; and thanks for the orange slices too! Need the vitamin C - sore throat and all bunged up, can't decide if it's hayfever or a cold coming! :-)

  • Quick, Poppy, have some more vitamin C! No colds allowed - do you suffer from hayfever though? Poor you if so - it must be miserable.

    It's so good to see that this extra exercise 'really is becoming a habit now' - yay! Go you!

  • Those orange slices are just what we need, thanks again Annie you star! :)

    Well, since starting this challenge I have run two 10k runs in two weeks, last Saturday and yesteday, unheard of since my first back last month.... I am now in the mindset to run one every weekend if I can and gradually increase the distance, again if I can and I put this all down to the challenge. Walking every day to and from the station instead of the bus is now a given, I dont even think twice about it. Making sure I do my two runs midweek is now a habit and my trusted Davina DVD is now waiting for me as another regular weekend "treat"!!

    I feel great! :)

    Maybe you could bribe the MoP with your orange slices! ;) Loving the spring pom-poms - beautiful sunshine here to; so much so I want to run again today but will resist!!

    Have a super Sunday Annie!

    Sue x

  • Gosh, Sue, two 10ks in two weeks! You are doing so well! And how lovely to see that you feel great :) Two runs midweek, plus a long weekend run, plus Davina - wow! Thanks for the bribe suggestion, but knowing the MoP, she would no doubt get us to balance upside down on the ball with all our limbs in the air and eat the oranges from the soles of our feet :O Enjoy the sun 8-)

  • Loving the image of you all balancing and eating oranges off your feet! :D

  • Sssh! She'll hear you! Let's not give her any more daft ideas :O

  • Hi Annie,

    Thanks for waving the pompoms and asking how we are! Doing OK here now - it's easier to have a routine when the kids are at school. This week I have run 3 times and done one each of swimming, cycling, exercise class and the Wii Fit. The Wii Fit always seems like a bit of a cheat but I am also logging some km walking. I think I'm still averaging 7km per day on the Malcy meter and I cracked 200km for the challenge yesterday (woo hoo!). I was feeling that my running was suffering and I was tired, but maybe I'm getting used to it as I dragged myself around a (4.5km ha) park run yesterday in a respectable time for me.

    As for calculations, I'm using Garmin for running, walking and cycling. I tend to download from that once a day to be sure the total is over 5km. Swimming is a strict 30 mins - I've found I can do about 23 lengths in that time so very slow but that's OK with me. Exercise classes count as 10km for the hour although the effort expended varies a lot during that time (but I noticed that the 5x50 organiser said she'd done yoga a few days so if it's OK for her it's definitely OK for me!) The Wii Fit handily keeps track of your fake hula hooping for you :-)

    I'm quite intrigued by the Swiss ball but not (I think, never say never) tempted to join you. Sense of balance really not good! I think most of my energy would be expended getting back onto it after falling off :-D

  • Over 200km - wow, Ann, that's fantastic! It's good to see how much you are mixing it up as well - no chance of you getting bored! You are doing so well, and I don't think the Wii Fit is cheating at all. Glad you'll be able to get back into a routine - keep going, and have a happy week :)

  • Hi Annie and thanks for all the encouragement.

    It doesn't feel like the same as when I started, as I had to think how I'll I get my 5K in then, now with the addition of a new bike (thanks 5x50 for making me enjoy cycling) it feels like i naturally achieve the 5K without thinking too much about it (this new feeling came about last week) now it feels more like I check I've achieved the target, rather than having to make sure I do it.

    Although today would be nice to do nothing (weather a bit miserable and cold) true do nothing Sunday kind of day, but I will go out for a longish run this afternoon :-) still enjoy running days most.

  • Oh, did you get your new bike? Is it all shiny and beautiful? I'm glad you're enjoying the cycling. And isn't it great that you 'naturally achieve the 5k without thinking too much about it' - you could be an advert for next year's 5x50 to encourage others to sign up :) Have a great run - hope the weather clears up for you.

  • Really enjoying it Annie

    Done the full working week waking at 5:30 to complete the run before the commute and it honestly continues to surprise me .... I do prefer the weekend routine rather more but even so.

    Thanks for the orange but I think I've swallowed a pip .... it won't start growing will it? ;-)

  • Fantastic - fancy enjoying getting up at 5:30 to get your run in! And don't worry about the pip - it might count as extra fibre and add an extra boost to your running :D

  • Thought of your lovely post on my cool down walk this morning :) Thank you for your continued support, it really does help :) I'm on day 70 today. Knees creaking a bit, but managed 5k this morning in 32.02 on a hillyish route, so not too bad. I am only doing one run a week at present; My routine has become two swims, two walks, two exercise classes(including swiss ball ;) ) and one run on Sunday. I suffered from tiredness this week, but at the same time feel stronger, if that makes any sense! :O

  • Wow, Theresa - day 70??? You are such a star! I'm not surprised your knees are creaking a little, but that's a great 5k time so you can't be doing that badly! Your routine looks like a great mix (ha - swiss ball :O ) and it's great to see that you're feeling stronger. I'm sure the tiredness will pass. Have a great week :)

  • I've had it easy to do something for my daily 5K as with currently not being in full-time paid employment outside the home, I've had time at my disposal - if not money or transport to get to the swimming pool or further afield. I've done something outside each and every day, even if only a 2km walk to the village PO, as well as whatever '30 mins exercise class' I've done. For the exercise class I'm actually estimating downwards each time and only put in 5K even for a 60 mins Swiss Ball class or a 90 mins yoga class.

    In a few weeks I start a full-time seasonal post and will have to continue with daily exercise as I'll need to cycle to work. I hope to get a lift, with my bike, with DH for part of the way then I'll have a 13 km cycle each way.

    With the two 10K races in the past three weeks I'd cut back on the long bike rides and not increased the long, slow runs by the usual amount. I'm looking forward to adding on an extra few kms over the coming weeks to get back to my prior-injury max of 16km, then beyond. I have several lovely 15-20km trail runs I've marked on the map to tackle.

  • I'm tired just looking at your routine, swanscot! I'm impressed with your routine and your totals. Yes, this thing about an exercise class being worth 5k - i was musing about this earlier, as I said, and it still doesn't quite compute for me. I guess, though, that the aim is to get everyone making exercise part of their daily routine, and it has certainly done this. I like the sound of your trail runs, although way too far for me, but I'm looking forward to reading your blogs about them. Have a great week :)

  • Lovely to know there are pompoms and orange slices, Annie. Thanks for the support. :-)

    I've got into a routine of walking/cycling and Strength&Flex/other exercises on alternate days, plus the occasional swim... which reminds me, I must do some more, but it takes 2 hours out of the day (swim+travelling) so not quite so manageable.

    Running's a problem at the moment (doctors orders), though I did slip one in a few days ago and want to do more.

    The walking's great, especially since I do it 3 times a week now with an English student (marathon runner) chatting all the while. ;-)

    I feel a bit guilty about the cycling, given that I live in a hilly area so there's a lot of free-wheeling and then getting off and pushing the bike uphill.

    Strength & Flex seems an apparently "easy" option... now onto the final podcast and, actually, it's quite tough. Gives the core muscles a great going over, which helps with the more aerobic activities.

    Like swanscot I tend to "downsize" the exercise class figures to 5K even I do more than 30 min.

    Like this blog, checking the MalcyMeter has become addictive. Well done all! :D

    Will you join us if we get our own similar kind of challenge going after 5x50?

  • Supporting from the bench is the easy bit. It's all of you who deserve the cheering and thanks. I think your point about the swim taking longer because of the travel etc is what stopped me this time. I would certainly have signed up had it been 30 minutes per day - and now I'm kicking myself because I could have achieved this alongside you 5x50-ers. I do hope you get the all-clear to run again soon. Walking etc is lovely but somehow it's not quite the same. however, it all counts for this challenge, so keep it up, you're doing brilliantly :)

  • Thanks. So that's a "yes", is it, if we do our own ??x?? challenge post 5x50? ;-)

  • Oh, yes, definitely :)

  • Swimming is actually one of my "quicker" activities - although you have to get there and do all the changing and drying etc at least you don't need a separate shower when you get home :-)

  • Tha's true :) It's just most peculiar that it takes me a lot longer to swim for 30 minutes than to run for 30 minutes - how odd is that?

  • I did my 5k running this morning but I seem to have blisters from yesterday that flared up today. I tripped on a tree root when I looked up to enjoy the surrounds this morning and have pulled something in my left buttock.

    It's all good fun though.

  • I'm not quite sure that 'fun' would be my word if I had blisters and a pulled something :O That's something I had an issue with from the start (no, not your buttock) - Laura says to look ahead, but unfortunately the pavements round here are in such bad condition that I'd be tripping over them every 50 yards. Am I right in thinking you've had bad blisters before? Could you try different socks perhaps, in the hope of avoiding them?

    i hope all is well again for whatever you choose to do tomorrow :)

  • Just got in from my run to see this wonderful thread.

    Thanks so much for your support Annie I think you deserve a special badge for the way you're helping us all! And that orange went down a treat as I was preparing my banana milkshake :-)

    I got my third 10k today although this was the first one I actually set out to do, not like the other two which were accidental, I completed it in 1hr 30secs so pleased with that. It hopefully bodes well for my first 10k run in Clumber Park on 18th May. I put myself in the slowest category for that.

    Most of my other exercise is 5k of lunchtime walking, 2 or 3 weekday runs with a weekend one plus some exercise DVDs. I did try swimming but I don't like it enough to keep that going.

  • Now I'm gutted. Oh, sorry, that was perhaps the wrong order to choose to answer your points :P The reason I'm gutted is that I'm within striking distance of Clumber Park and could have come to cheer you on in person - except that I will be in Sweden on the 18th :( You'll just have to imagine me there, cheering like crazy and waving pom-poms all for you!

    Back to the top. 1hr and 30 secs for a 10k? You are doing amazingly well! That's a great time, and you still have a month to work on consolidating it. Great :)

    And again, a good mix of exercise that you're doing. It must be hard to keep going but I think that if you mix it up, at least some muscle groups are less hard-worked on some days! All the best with it, Annie - you're doing splendiferously :)

  • Bit of a late reply, sorry. Yes it would have been good to meet you at last but I forgive you - Sweden would win out with me everytime! (Not that I've been there) :-)

  • I'm so pleased we all got together for 5x50. Even though most of my activities are "walk to/from car/office", what a difference it has made. 12/13 miles over the working week must be helping the old legs, and doing hour-long speed walks most lunchtimes is also helping build stamina. It would be so easy to just not bother, but the prospect of failing to log an activity has become, well, I don't know what it has become - but whatever it's become, it's become it. Wow - I don't believe I just wrote that!

    Pom poms and oranges are very welcome, but I have a confession to make. Annie gave me a pair of gold pom poms yesterday, and I wore them as ear-rings on my first trail run this morning. But as I approached the summit of Falkland Hill (doesn't that sound pretentiously grand?), they fell off and went bouncing from rock to rut all the way to the bottom. I know it's the first time I've worn earrings, but to lose my gold pom poms. It just hurts so much.

  • Awwww, Malcy! Were they slowing you down? Was the wind resistance just too much? Never mind, I'm sure there's a happy magpie somewhere near Falkland Hill :D

    12 - 13 miles plus speedwalks is great. It looks as though the 5x50 ethic has wormed its way into your psyche as well - 'must exercise, must log activity'. But not only has it improved everyone's fitness levels, look at the sense of community as well. Wonderful :)

  • I love reading these posts, everyone doing so well, hitting their goals/times/parkruns ect.

    Your such a welcome support Annie thank you xx orange jucily chomped xx,

    Although I have posted recently I have been struggling a bit, yesterday was my canicross run (with asheridge canicrossers) (dogs) and I found my mojo again, took me about 10 mins to find my breathing, get over my stitch that I seem to getting all the time lately, and my legs but then just comfortably got into it. Still just about 5k but I'm happy with that as 4 months ago I couldn't run up the stairs :-)

    Today back to asheridge monument for a vizz whizz (all the people in the area with vizslas meeting up for a great big walk) 10k I clocked as we walked for about 2.15 hrs, great great fun. At times I had to put my 3yr old on my shoulders and walk UP hills I would never have been able to do that last year :-)

    Yes I'm struggling but wouldn't change it in a million xx

    Well done everyone xx

  • So glad you found your mojo again Souki :) Wow, 10k walk with toddler....very impressive! Keep going, we are all there to support you!


  • Yay - lovely to hear that you've found your mojo again and 'just comfortably got into it' :) 5k is great - don't knock it, or I'll come over all inadequate :O

    10k plus walking with weights :D plus hills - isn't it fantastic when you can look back a year and marvel at how far you've come? Well done!

  • We are working behind the scenes too on a blog with photos to put on the challenge website so watch this space...... ;) x

  • Oooh, exciting :)

  • Thank you Annie for being a dear!! ;-) Loving the cute orange profile pic, they look so refreshing! Thank you for your ongoing support, this has been a rough week and knowing you are cheering us on keeps us motivated! We have had a few real life events take place and we are both fighting allergies. Fun, fun... :-( Onwards and upwards though, we are going out for a run in a bit!!!! :-) Gayle

  • Oh, Gayle, sorry to hear about the allergies and the rough week :( Sending you hugs and lots of support. I hope the run cheers you both up, and you are finally seeing some Spring weather. Very best wishes and fingers crossed that this week is much better for you and that you can put last week firmly behind you. Onwards and upwards indeed :)

  • Thanks Annie! It was a rough run but we did have beautiful weather! I believe part of this being a difficult week is just being tired from illness and almost 30 days of continuous walking/running. For our own personal challenge, we decided to count no other activity as our time. Kinda silly, but we tend to not use our heads at times. ;-) As of the end of this challenge week, Steve and I each logged over 100 miles. No wonder my legs are tired!! :-)

  • Over 100 miles! No wonder your legs are tired :O You are both doing amazingly well - keep it up, but be kind to yourselves at the same time :)

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