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Wk8run2 nearly killed me

OMG that was hard going had to slow down speed half way through as I was struggling. Did it but cannot say it was easy at all but managed to run the last two mins forty seconds of the cool down. Am so glad I have a day off before the next one I might even give myself an extra day. Will never run 5k in thirty mins this side of CHristmas but will just need to keep going to everyone who has graduated a huge well done. I will be at the finishing line SLOWLY lol

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You've only 4 more to go and you'll have a shiny badge! It doesnt matter about the 5k for now, Im only reaching around 4.5k in my time but it will come. Get well rested with an extra day, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, and take it nice and slow. Lotsa luck - Karen


Slowly but surely - what matters is that you complete the program, 5K will come in good time.

Good luck and have a great weekend :-)


Try starting out slowly... that's what Laura advises. You'll be fine. You're so close to your goal now. :-)


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