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My knees are killing me!!

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Just done W3 R3! Could never believe I'll run for 3 minutes with no stops!! But my knees today are killing me. They have started hurting from end of W1 and up to now it was ok to run but today it felt that I could do a step. Of course I'm taking the rest day inbetween. I read from other posts that most if you had similar problems and it resolved. Was it as painful for you too? Any tips?

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REST REST REST! At this point in the programme I was getting a lot of pain in my shins and knees. I'd be sitting down and get shooting pains even on rest days. It's a nuisance and you don't want to do it just when you're starting to make progress but rest - and don't run again if you've still got pain. I'm on week 8. I should have graduated weeks ago but I've taken short breaks when I've had pain and I truly believe that if I hadn't, I wouldn't have got this far. You will get there but if you run when you're in pain then you risk causing real injury then you may have to stop running for a lot longer. Better to take your time but still finish the programme than ignore what your body is telling you and not be able to graduate at all. Slow and steady wins the race!

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ImpossibleispossibleGraduate in reply to RebeccaSK

Thanks RebeccaSK! I will need to take more rest days but I'm afraid I will loose my rhythm and my progress. Can that happen? If I stop for a week will I be able to continue from where I stopped?

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RebeccaSKGraduate in reply to Impossibleispossible

The longest break I had without running was 2.5 weeks. I didn't stop exercising completely - I did some fast walking, some swimming and a bit of spinning - basically, I pushed myself but with lower impact exercise. I was really surprised, when I started running again, that I was able to pick up where I left off. I also got some orthotics and started using the treadmill - a bit boring but so much kinder on the knees. Are these options for you? Are you wearing trainers that suit your running style and have you had a gait analysis? The right trainers will make a huge difference - but one person's "right" trainers are not another's. The other thing to try and avoid, if you can, are roads with a bad camber and prolonged periods of running downhill, even if it's gradual. It all puts extra pressure on the knees. I promise you'll get there, just don't ignore the pain. I did that years ago when I was starting to run and I ended up having to have physio and using a crutch to help me walk! You'll get there - just believe in yourself. You've already done the worst of the programme xx

I'm just reading about gait analysis and I think I need to do it. And generally I'm being very active and I think that's the problem! On the rest running days I was doing other exercises and that doesn't help. I'm planning to take a good rest until I feel again 100% because the today's acke really scared me. Thanks for all your advise!!

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I had such nuisance knee problems that frustrated me a lot. I also do other exercises in between but my problems only stopped when my physio advised me to go for gait analysis where they confirmed that my running body was completely out of tune and shape. I purchased custom made insoles and they advised me on the trainers that fit me perfectly. All my problems came from incorrect posture caused by poor running shoes and insoles. All those problems disappeared and I'm now running pain & injury free. Give it a go, I wish you all the best & good luck!

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Some good input from other people - and from you if you know you are perhaps going at this fitness lark like a bull at a gate.

The only thing I have to add is that if you have the option to run on kinder surfaces, do. I know lots of places are pretty hard underfoot after the hot weather.

Knee and hip pain are very common in runners. I was struck down when I finished week 1 with hip pain. For me it was an inflamed IT band. Stretching and foam rolling have fixed it and keeps it at bay. If you don't have a foam roller I would really suggest investing in one they really work when used on ham string, quads and glutes!!

Gait analysis plus new shoes, strengthening and stretching seem to have done the trick for me. It's been worth working on this and, where necessary, taking long breaks from running in order to sort the knees out. I'm at W8R1 having started in late October, but running is now pain free.

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I'm in wk9 and having some pain in one knee. I'm taking 2 rest days between runs instead of one, which seems to give it time to settle down and putting ice on it. Thinking of buying some sort of compression bandage to see if that helps.

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Rest but keep the knees moving a bit so you don't stiffen up. Also a simple but effective quad exercise is to sit with your legs on the bed or sideways on the sofa. Pull you toes up towards you so that your ankles are at least at 90 degrees. Then push your knees into the bed/sofa until your kneecaps are pulled towards you. This means you should be able to feel with your hand, your quads (front of thigh) tighten. Hold for about 5sec and repeat 5 times and have a rest, then do again later. If you find this easy gradually increase the timings. This will help stabilise your knees.

Hi. Lots of good advice already given, just want to add that I had gait analysis yesterday & was amazed by how different my new shoes are. I found that around week 8 I needed to have 2 rest days too. A good sports massage therapist will work wonders & also give advice on stretching. We often look at joint problems in isolation but everything is linked in the body so having strong glutes & stretching hamstrings, quads, calves & ankles is important to avoid injury. I'm resting for a couple of weeks because I've got the beginnings of shin splints but ice & exercises are helping & I'm walking & cycling to keep my fitness levels up. Hope your knees improve with rest - you're doing great, don't worry about resting up, it doesn't matter how long you take to complete the programme. Good luck!

Thank you all for your advise!! It's good to feel so supported! I have to say that yesterday after my run I put ice on my knees and it worked miracles!! I'm planning to do my gait analysis in this week ( I had no idea what that was until I read it in the forum!). Thank you again all and talk soon!!!

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