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W6R3 (nearly killed me)

You know by now I try to post positively, but the most positive things I can find to say about this mornings run were:

1) I completed it and live to tell the tale

2) When I paused to investigate an irritating itch in my sports bra (it was like a tropical storm in there!) it was a trapped hair from my head, and not the sproutings of a testosterone-fuelled hairy chest.

Off for a shower :o)

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Well done Pam.. tough yea but you done it ;) I'm on the injury couch for yet another day.. sulking not happy atall I can't get out! Week 7 for you next.. bet your next run is smashing.. enjoy your shower and well deserved rest day x

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Thank you, I just looked at your posts to see why you're on the I/c, ouch! You poor thing, I'd be going nuts by now (humour me, I know I'm half way there already ;o)

Have you been following IrishPricesses posts? She's injured too so been posting about running or just funny running-related stuff, so go on, shake a leg and join in!!

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Well...the most positive reply I can give is...

a) You did it

b) You are hairy-chest free

We all have these kinds of runs....as you know, I try and turn things into Pollyanna moments, ( reasons to be glad), but that is just me....

Anyway, your Pollyanna moment was... You are not turning into a Gorilla!!!!

Onwards and Upwards sweetie... I'm right here, giving you a gentle shove and a big hug x :)

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I dunno about not being a gorilla Lady F, you should see my legs ;o)

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to

Eeek! But..if the run fails..you could swing through the trees🙂

Pam, remember progress not perfection

1. you finished it which is a victory in itself, this victory shows you can do it when you come up against other obstacles in the future, ( that's pure Buddhism thrown in for free :-) )

2. no comments re sports bras or hairy chests as this subject is wayyyyyy out of my area of experience !!

have a great day


in reply to Nick_Buddha_12

Thank you m'dear, I suspect I have another obstacle in the not too distant future in the form of W7,R1 (I just heard "dum, dum, DUMMMM and a thunderclap, I swear).

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Nick_Buddha_12Graduate in reply to


Haha that's funny Pam. Those hairs get everywhere! As long as this run didn't kill you you can live to do the next one.

in reply to Irishprincess

Thank you! It didn't kill me YET, there's still time, I am absolutely pooped tonight.

Love the hairy chest alarm! You always make me chuckle Pam. Keep running and keep smiling, it will all come together.

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I was seriously worried the running had somehow made me more bloke-y and it was the start of mutton chop moustache and hairy chest, not an attractive look!

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boptillyoudrop49Graduate in reply to

What happened to the Pam of the toned legs and short skirts? You, blokey? Not likely!

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Well done Pam on completing the run its hard but you did it and should be proud of yourself.

in reply to Butchdingle

I'm still knackered today, plus my knees hurt :o(

I'm off to the double whammy of Zumba then Pilates tonight, it'll be kill or cure :o)

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ButchdingleGraduate in reply to

That isn't great being knackered and the knees hurting,hope the Zumba and Pilates helped

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