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Walked cheddar it almost killed me

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Hi, my names mick, I live in havant in Hampshire. Very new to exercise, I'm a coach driver, exercise and driving don't go together, they do now.

My partner and I while on holiday in cheddar decided to take the walk around the top. To get there it's either Jacobs ladder, or as some bright spark said the easier route. About 30 mins, they said, try 90. My heart was in my mouth, people kept asking if I was OK, talk, they want me to speak lol.

I made it, the whole way round, but made up my mind to get fit.

Well here I am week 2, day 1, feeling great, but it's a lonely run. You really need a buddy.

Still onwards and upwards. Us veterans don't give up, cheers all

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You wait til you're in week 5, or 6 and beyond...you'll be amazed out how far you've come.

I use music to keep me company on my runs...it certainly helps. Good luck! 👍

Got run over by a retriever yesterday my music was so loud I didn't hear it coming lol

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I agree with Little-runner, you struggle at the start and it you dare to look ahead you just laugh at the thought of it. 10 min?! Really!!!! But guess what - if you’ve followed the plan (slow and steady) you’ll only go and do it. I’m no spring chicken as my family remind me from time to time but I’ve only gone and started week 9. As for a running buddy I tried that once but she went faster than me so it was the worst run I did. I’m happier to run alone with a podcast to listen to. Glad you’ve joined us. Keep going.

Lot's of buddies here! Get involved with the forum and you will feel like we are all there with you on your runs. Irish-John says 'you might run on your own, but you never run alone' (or something like that!)

It's weird but true :)

Good luck!

Good for you Mick stick with it you be be amazed at what you can achieve x

Mickroz1, you're doing the right thing with exercising.

It doesn't matter how long it takes you just keep the commitment and smile at the end of every run. Your doing better than someone who's sat on the couch.

I'm a lorry driver and in the same position as you. 4 hours + just holding your steering wheel. We need to be fitter and to live longer to inflict ourselves on the human race for as long as possible.😉

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Another lorry driver here 🙋‍♀️, nights too. Sat, unable to move for up to 4hrs 30mins is not great. Fitting runs in is not easy. But give it a go, commit to the programme, trust it, take your runs SLOW! Listen to your music, a podcast or a book, running buddies can put pressure on you to change your ‘comfortable pace’.

But most of all, enjoy it! Well done 👏👍

Lovely photo! I have some of my favourite music playing at all times, and I’m finding myself finding a stride to match the rhythm! I also chat to Michael Johnson (I say hi and bye, thank him when the session’s over and agree about having a small snack etc), so knowing he’ll be piping up at intervals helps me too. I also have my dog! 😀

Happy running! I live not too far from Cheddar. 😀

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I do find Michael Johnson very comforting and reassuring. When he says I've done really well to keep running I feel quite chipper and then remember that he doesn't actually know whether I did it or not!

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And me! But I like pretending he does!