Ouchhhhhhhh!!!! Hips & Knees are killing me!!!

Week 9 Run 1.... After week 8 my hips were really hurting ... I was walking like a geriatric on the booze!!! Soooo I waited 3 days to hit week 9. OMG it hurt and I was soooo slow but I bloody did it!!! 30 mins non stop.... I would say non stop running, but to honest I could probably have walked quicker! Has anyone got any stretches for hips they can share with me, as I really think that would help! I'll probably leave it 2 or 3 days for run 2 - but I've come thus far I'm not stopping now!


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  • Lisa try these ;



    I do hip and glute stretches before EVERY run and since I've been doing them I've had no problems with pains or aches in those areas. It DOES take an extra 15 minutes or so to do them, but if you have the time its a good investment in your joints.

    I also bought an elastic band thing that I put my legs through when doing an exercise called the "clamshell". The rubber band adds resistance to the exercise and strengthens your hips.

    Hope this helps.

  • You absolute darling xx thank you!!

  • Mon plaisir.

  • Hi Danzargo - can you recommend any stretches for thighs. I've got similar issues to Lisa but with my thighs. They feel stiff when I run and get quite achey. Thanks!

  • Hi lattelady, I would advise you to purchase a foam roller. Get one from Amazon (I've got a physioworld 45cm one) and roll your thighs back and forth for 30-40secs front and back. It IS painful to start with but after a session or two it doesn't hurt so much. Google foam roller exercises for thighs as an added educational bonus. Hope this helps!

  • Thanks Danzargo - just ordered one. Having looked at some of the exercised on YouTube looks like just what I need. Cheers!

  • Tis but a pleasure.

  • Hi Sweetie, well done for getting through the run. I know what you mean about the aches and pains. Luckily I haven't had hip trouble but I've had more than my fill of knee issues!! If you look at the hints for new runners section on c25k there's a link to a load of different post-run stretches and there is some hip stuff on there. Someone told me that a lot of aches and pains in relatively new runners are down to poor core strength, so I'm looking to do something about that in the coming weeks. But, and it's a big but...... We've bloomin' well got to w9!! I can hardly believe it but we're here! Like you, I'm having to leave 2-3 days between runs but no matter, we're almost finished. W9r2 we're on our way!!! xxx

  • We are determined little ladies aren't we lol..... It's so lovely seeing everyone's progress & like us, in complete shock at being able to run for more than 5 mins without passing out or throwing up! Bring on run 2.... After a couple days rest of course...... We rock xx

  • Well done Lisa only two to go!!!!

  • Oh poor you, JL. I was like that about W4/5. It is so frustrating because at this stage it's hard enough anyway, without pain on top. I hope that Dan's exercises help... I might have to start doing some too. Good luck, and I hope the next run is much better, whenever you feel up to it. You are so close now. :)

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