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That killed me!

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Just attempted my first "Run" through the Couch to 5k programme. I am so overweight and unfit :( only managed half of it. Back to it Thursday :)

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Well done for starting. 😀 you will make progress. 😀

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MsElvis in reply to Pinkpig20

Thank you :)

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Keep at it. It’s OK to repeat a week if you don’t feel strong enough to continue to the next week. C25k works. Just keep it nice and steady. Your running pace at the moment should just be a light jog slightly faster than your walking pace.

Best of luck.

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MsElvis in reply to damienair

Yeah, I'm guessing I've dont the hardest part, getting out the door!!

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DiscoRunnerGraduate in reply to MsElvis

My runnng is slower than my brisk walk! That’s how I’ve managed to do this. Do not worry about speed, as long as you’re not lying down, there’s no such thing as too slow in my book! The point of this is duration not speed. So for us older, unfit, or overweight (or all three in my case!) just plug away in your own time. Repeat weeks if you need to, slow down the runs and later on you can work on pace. I’m a graduate but at the speed I’m running I don’t think I’m doing 5k - but I am running for 30 mins and that’s the main thing. Don’t be disheartened - you can do this just go slow & best of luck.

And do measure yourself - you’ll be amazed as the inches fall away and your health and stamina improve massively as you progress x

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"Back to it Thursday" - that is what makes a Runner :)

Read the early posts of Graduates - the only people who take on this programme are like us, those who "Never could run and hard to believe I ever will" type :)

Take it slowly and steady. Less than ten percent graduate "on time" anyway ( we did a survey) and never miss a Rest day (vital to avoid injury) and sooner than you can even dream of right now you too will have 'graduate' beside your name.

The hardest distance of all is from the sofa to the door - once out the door, let the Run take care of itself :)

Wishing you many happy miles in your future ☺

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MsElvis in reply to Irish-John

Thank you so much :)

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Hi and welcome to the programme! Think of it more as a glass half full, you manage half on your first go and that’s more than you do last week isn’t it? Just do it again, your get there. And we’ll all be here to support you

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Hi, well done for getting out of the door, that’s the hardest part of c25k. I graduated last week. I’m classed as morbidly obese (working on it). Last August I gave up smoking, got gp referral to the gym and started healthy eating. I started c25k in September, I honestly thought I was going to die 30 sec into the first 60 sec run. Unfortunately I got a knee injury at the end of w1 (not really c25k related). Anyway I started again in November no more injuries and as I said graduated last week. The best advice I have is go slow, then slow down some more. They say in here ‘embrace your inner snail’, well I can’t catch the snails my walking is faster, BUT I can run for 30 mins! Drink plenty of water everyday. I’ve never run in my life (even wrote my own notes to get out of pe). If can do it anyone can. Happy running 🏃‍♀️

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MsElvis in reply to Shelley2310

Brilliant! Thank you for that!! I can't give up!!

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Linhert in reply to Shelley2310

What an inspiration. Love the bit about the snails 🐌

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You did the hardest bit. You started. You got your trainers on and you ran. Well done you. We believe in you because we were all the same as you. My next run this week will be my graduation run. You will to!

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MsElvis in reply to Dave58

Yay!!! Can't wait to post the same thing :)

Don’t worry. You have started and honestly over time it does get easier. Keep going you have made the first move. 😊

Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

You were going too do I know? Because everyone does. Read the guide to the definition of the easy conversational pace you should be running at.

Enjoy your journey.

I felt like I was running :(

Thank you, I'll read it now :)

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Welcome. Well done getting out there and going for it. The half you ran today was much more running than last week I think? Slow down as much as you need to to get through the runs... as long as your feet are briefly both off the ground at the same time it’s fast enough! Enjoy Thursday and be ready for your fitness level to rise so quickly that you don’t believe it!

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MsElvis in reply to UnfitNoMore

I need to start looking at it that way. 'I did more today than last week' thank you, I need this support x

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Fantastic, you were out there running! Many of us start overweight and unfit. Just take it slow and steady - remember the running action is different from the walking action so even if you think you are slower running than walking it doesn't matter. Keep coming here for inspiration from all your fellow runners, and keep posting to inspire them too. Happy running :)

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