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B210k stalled by the weather!!

Since my great W3R1 9.40k run last Sunday I have been really tied up with work and other stuff and that has forced me to squeeze my runs into diminishing amounts of time. Two mid-week Speed runs kept me going but the big snow meant no way was I going to try to do anything heroic (or daft?) and risk an injury or worse. The Speed runs were more of Laura's c25k+. For once I tried really hard to get back down to the 150 bpm and I think I succeeded more this time. 165 bpm I really pushed myself and so worked hard at reducing the pace and recovering. It even seemed to work. So, by the end of the podcast I decided to do it all over again. No strain but fun and a good workout and a grand distance of 6k. Not quite the same routine on Thursday but pretty close took me to over 5k in about 30 minutes. Could be the makings of a nice routine here.

And then the snow. I decided to wimp out and save my knees, ankles, everything from damage. I'll get back on the beat tomorrow if it thaws out in the area. And, if time permits, I'll get back on with W3R2. 51 minutes and another good distance is the aim but let's see what the weather brings. Impressed by those who are out and about no matter what.

I am really keen to get on with the B210k but know that it might take a bit longer if things work against me along the way. And once I get past that 60 minute/ 10k barrier I will look at a Woolworth's approach and mix 'n' match my runs. So far the best advice I have read is a three parter: one good pace run that lasts 40-50 minutes; one interval run (fast-slow-fast-slow, etc), and one long, slow distance run. Different muscles, techniques, etc should reduce risks of injury and really develop speed, endurance and ability. That's the theory anyway. What do you think?

Happy running!!

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Hi James!

Like you, I've also been thinking about how to consolidate and improve once Bridge-to-10K is completed. Have you looked at the AudioFuel store? They have a fair few products for sale that match some of the descriptions you just gave.

For instance, if you're thinking that 5K+ Speed is something you need to do _twice_, it may be time to move on to a different interval session -- definitely something a bit longer, and maybe a bit faster, too. I'm looking at either the 22 minute Pyramid 180 session, the 32 minute PowerUp 2012 session, 43 minute Martin Yelling session (again, the 180 bpm max version).

They also have timed runs of various paces. The 40 minute Rollercoaster (165 bpm max) may be worth a try. If I'm really feeling brave, I may go for the Adrenaline Junkie 2 session (44 minutes, mostly at 160 - 166 bpm, but with two "short" sprints of 190 bpm).

At the moment, I've not bought any of these, as I want to finish the Bridge-to-10K first. But, like you, I do have an eye to the future and am trying to figure out what to do next. At the moment, I'm thinking along similar lines -- break the week up into one interval run, one fast run of shorter distance (maybe 5km, or 30 min, or perhaps "Adrenaline Junkie 2"), and then one 10km run. I'll be curious to see what people choose to do next, as we all tend to learn from each others' experiences.

Happy running!


Cheers Matthew. I will have a proper look at some of the Audio Fuel products. I have to say, though, that some of what you describe sounds like a real challenge. Good luck. James


Yes, definitely! Though, to be fair, everything we've done so far has also been a challenge. Running for eight 60 second intervals seems like nothing now... but a year ago, it was an immense challenge! (At least it was for me) We can get there!

Also, to be fair, I may not have painted a representative picture of AudioFuel's selection. They actually have a wide variety of runs available. I believe that the shortest ones are only 20 minutes, and the easiest pace has a maximum beat of 138 bpm. I mentioned some of the more difficult ones[*], because those are the ones that I am thinking about trying. Considering that you and I are in very similar places right now, both being about halfway through Bridge-to-10K (though you are definitely a bit faster than me), I figured those are the ones that might catch your interest, too.

Definitely write about what you eventually decide to go with, and how it works out. I'll be very curious to read it, and to learn from your experience!

Happy running to you, too! :-)

[*] Though not the most challenging, to be sure! They have runs that top out at 200 bpm!


Really impressed with your speed. I've stsrted B210k this week (well a version of it as I couldnt get it to download. I'm on W1R3 but I had about 6 weeks off what with being lazy over the Christmas period and a cough thst meant I couldn't run for a bus! I'm pleased I have managed to go straight back in to it without having to repeat any of couch to 5k but your post has given me some ideas to get my speed up once I have finished as I wad just shy of 5k in 30mins when I graduated. Thanks for the advice, good luck for the rest of W3 ;-)


Awwwwww! I'm jealous! Well done James and Matthew with your runs. I had a little run yesterday-minute actually-and all seemed well. Think I will have these active bursts whilst i am out doing other stuff just to get myself going.

Keep on Running! -)



Hello James. Very well done.

Unlike your good self, I have not been able to start the bridge to 10K as I would have liked to basically because of a 10 day flu bug, followed by work and ageing parent problems.

But I did run this morning easily and well, and look forward to starting the progress to 10K in a couple of months.

Well done!


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