B210K Week 4 Run 3

Done! Out at 6 am -- far too warm now to run during the day - lovely run round local lake lots of ducks and swans and rabbits and various other volatiles. I'm obvioulsy slow with just under 7 K covered in almost an hour but I feel great.Suppose I should speed up -- I could, but do I really want to?

Summer is here, and so are for the blisters. Ugh :-x


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23 Replies

  • Summer :-( here too but my run yesterday was done in the rain and at 8.20am this morning it's still raining . Your run sounds lovely. Pat

  • Summer, but a strange one with lots of cloudy periods. Weird. Climate change?

  • Yep, summer is clearly different things in different places this year! Ugghh :(

    You running location sounds idyllic .... You're not running too slowly - you're appreciating the beauty of your surroundings. ;)

    Sorry to hear about the blisters - have you tried double-walled running socks? (Daft question? Apols - you are a far more experienced runner than I am). Anyway, I haven't had a single blister with my socks - and I've used them on a half marathon walk and for all training too ... So they've done several miles! Linda x

  • I shall try them at once! I do use running socks, but they don't seem to be working this year :-(

  • I read too about slathering vasaline all over your feet to stop them - not sure if it would be too slippy though :O

    I had a couple when I did my first 10k and now use vasaline where they had formed and also dust my feet with talc to try and minimise the sweating and rubbing, seems to help....and they smell nice!! :D


  • will try the vaseline -- as I have a very naughty mind, the product brings dozens of jokes to mind, and none of them involve feet :-D

  • :D :D :D We are very alike then Delia!! ;)


  • Morning Delia! Just checking in before I go for my 30 minute walk. I'm really missing the running and I must say a half hour walk seems to take much longer than a half hour run! Can't wait to join you again on B210K, I'm with you mentally if not physically. I have a hospital appt Friday so I'm hoping they will say I can go for really gentle jogs! Fracturing my arm has made me all the more determined to keep up the running. Keep up the good work! xx

  • Gosh, had forgotten about your arm. No worries, I'm sure you'll be back on track soon xx

  • That sounds like a lovely run, Delia. Why 'should' you speed up if you don't want to? No reason at all! It's a good question to ask. I do tend to assume that if I keep practising I will speed up, but hadn't particularly thought about why I want to. Partly because I assume that faster means fitter, but mostly I think it's about pride, which is a pretty poor reason! Though it would be good to sometimes be able to go out for a shorter length of time, and cover a greater distance. But why does the distance matter, other than for things like 5x50? (Or pride again!) Mmmm. You've really made me think! Thanks. :)

  • Golly, that was very philosophical indeed :-)

  • You both make good and thought provoking points. Sometimes I find the internal pressure to go fast (my pride, if you will) actually puts me off running. By telling myself I can go slower if I want and it doesn't matter helps me get out the door. This is why i enjoyed my "pressure free" slower run through the woods on Saturday. interesting.

    Fab run by the way, Delia! :)

  • Thanks Roller!

  • Sorry if I went a bit OTT there. :) Feeling very philosophical today. :D

  • No need to apologize my dear!

  • I was out at 7am - but into the teeth (teeth? where did that expression come from?) of a howling gale coming off the Atlantic. Ran under the trees to escape from the wind and dodged most of the downpours, so only got wet rather than drenched. But quite exhilirating nevertheless.

    We've had a few glimpses of summer, but it seems to have hidden itself away just recently.

    What are volatiles?

  • Volatiles = Animals with wings :-D

    Very, very windy here too.

  • Fab Delia! I think its nice just to run and enjoy it without having to go faster unless you want to; enjoy the winged things!! ;)


  • If only it was too warm to run in the day here ;-)

    Sounds like you had a lovely run, I think you should go the pace that brings you the most enjoyment from your running, it's about you, no one else.


  • Wise words Phil :-)

  • Great blog Delia. I am sure you are doing just right with the pace. etc. It doesn't matter what time or distance or pace. All of those will come later ... if that is what you want. As the others say. 'Enjoy'. Happy running. James

  • Cheers James!

  • I said it in an earlier blog Delia, I think we have changed our mind set a bit and it no longer becomes the B all and end all to improve on our PB every run. I'm more content to just run most of the time but like the odd little challenge now and again. Whatever we do it has to be enjoyable or it would become a real horror storey.

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