B210K Graduation Run!!!

B210K Graduation Run!!!

Hello lovely runners,

Just popped in to say, 'I've only bloody gone and done it!'.

Today was graduation run. It was grey, but not raining when I set out at 9 this evening. I'd been worrying about putting 30 and 30 together to make 60 in the final week of B210K. After all, I'd been using that 1 minute walk to shake my legs out, catch my breath, tidy my hair up and other such enjoyable diversions. Now I was going to have to run for an hour :o

I set off and it was all going smoothly, I'd chosen a very familiar, unadventurous and flat route so as not to spook myself. The toxic ten were only mildly noxious and I'd gone 20 minutes before I knew it.

At 24 minutes the music stopped. I took ancient iPod from my pocket, hoping my headphones had just disconnected. No. The battery was dead. I could have sworn it was 2/3 rds full when I set out. I faltered. I've never run without music. Ever.

'This is a sign of something. You can't run without music. You should stop at half an hour and charge it up for next time. No way can you get through 35 minutes of silence.' Said my shoulder devil.

'Quit your jibba jabba!' Replied my shoulder angel who had inexplicable morphed into a tiny Mr T

So on I went. Now I know you headphone free runners claim to hear the earth turning, the birds singing, the brook babbling etc. I heard nothing but my own heart beat pulsing in my inner ear, my laboured breath, and the occasional 'Splosh' as I landed in a large puddle :D But it wasn't all that bad.

Onwards. By 40 minutes I had a smile on my face. By 50 I was gleeful. By 60 minutes I'd covered 9.15 Km, but I wanted 10. Ache and pain free I pressed on, my eyes on Gretta Garmin frequently. Then, suddenly, there it was. 10K in just under 1:05.

I have rarely been so proud. I won't go on forever, but will say this;

Life with Laura was a rollercoaster, but one which deep down I knew I was enjoying.

Life with Sami was harder. I was at times hot, damp, thirsty, tired, achy, doubtful, scared and music-less. But hard is good, and I feel prepared to run now, having experienced a little bit of running adversity.

Life with all of you, on this forum, has been a dream. There has been someone here to say just what I needed to hear, before I knew I needed to hear it everytime. If I have helped anyone a fraction of the amount this forum has helped me I'll be very proud. Thank you one and all.

That's it, happy running folks, tell me all about it,

Emily :)


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34 Replies

  • Wow, congratulations! That's is an amazing time and achievement. Can I ask which programme are you using? Where did you get it? How soon did you start it after graduating? Congratulations once again :D

  • Thanks Vixchile, I'm still smiling. I used the Sami Murphy B210K podcasts which I downloaded from the link on this thread


    I started as soon as I graduated C25K, which was difficult but definitely possible.

    Good luck and let us know how you go on, Emily :)

  • Thanks Emily, i will check this out and give it a go. Was thinking of doing a couple of weeks just adding 10% then doing bupa plan but I will look at this too.

  • Wow Emily - well done girl! You've shown real determination. I am slowly ambling my way towards 10k but it still feels a long way off.

  • Thanks Ully, I'd be nowhere without this lovely forum.

    Once you get past 7, 10K seems to race towards you, you already know how to run and keep running, and that's the hard part :)

  • Woop! Very very well done, Em! That really is such brilliant news and has cheered and brightened my morning and taken my mind off the early start at work!

    So pleased for you, congratulations! Sounds like a bit of a trying run, with the music vanishing like that, but well done on carrying on through it!

    So then, what now? Are you going to continue along doing 10K for a while, adding a bit to your distance each week? What be your running plans?

    Again, well done and onward, always. :-)

  • Thanks Miles_Yonder, you said I could do it all along and I'm so glad you were right :)

    I was stunned by the loss of music but by 50 minutes, having got over the shock of my breathing, I'd settled into it. In a way it was just another thing that Sami taught me I can do- a parting gift!

    I have no idea what I'm going to do next, I'm finally going to have to come up with my own programme. I'm going to have a god hard think, preferably before Thursday and my next run.

    Thanks for all your help and enthusiasm.

    Emily :)

  • I knew you could do it; never once doubted it! :-) Bet you're still on a buzz; I know I was for ages the first time I saw 10K appear on Miss Garmin.

    It'll be easy to devise a plan, based on how you want to go about things. Personally I prefer two/three shorter runs concentrating in something different each time (hills/speed/easy) and one longer run at the end of the week, which I extend by a bit each time. That's how I do things but it's a case of finding what works for you.

    Hope you're sticking around here and keeping us updated!

  • Em - a heartfelt congratulations! I know how hard you've worked on B210K and I am so very happy to hear you've hit your goal (injury free as well).... That is an amazing time and even with the music leaving you, your pace remained pretty much spot on throughout the whole 10K...

    I'm really, really pleased for you... I'm going to attempt an 8K tomorrow and a 10K on Saturday before tapering off for a few weeks before my race. If I can get even close to that time I'll be a VERY happy man....

    Enjoy your rest now! You've more than earned it... your post made my day (and motivated me even more!). Well done!

  • Thanks Aussie. I still feel proud of myself this morning, and only slightly achy.

    I was really happy with this pace, I know the splits trail off a little at the end (too much Garmin peering, not enough running!) but I think staying within the 6 minutes something/ km is quite an achievement for me.

    I'm sure you can make this time, if not better on your run. The excitement of being on a milestone run really spurred me on from the start and you don't have the worry of never having run more than a 30 minute interval before like I did. Your confidence should be sky high :)

    Good luck and thanks for all the support,

    Emily :)

  • Thanks KittyKay :D I couldn't have done it without the wonderful support from you and this forum.

    I'm going to try and hatch a plan to take my running down to a more 'normal' level and I'm sure you'll be hearing all about it.

    Thanks again, Emily x

  • Wow that is fantastic Em, well done to you! You must be feeling so proud. A great time too! x :-D

  • Oh thank you! 14 hours later and I'm still so proud! Will it ever end...

  • Fab run and fab post. Congratulations on a achieving your goals. Xxx

  • Thank you so much. Now what are my new goals....:)

  • Well done Keenan! I knew Sami would get you there. She's a tough cookie but she does the business. I loved the music too!!!

    Your times are fantastic!!!! You are a serious runner you know. With those times who knows where you could finish up. You could join me in my next ten mile!

  • Thanks Misswobble,

    It's been brilliant to have you here, having been through B210K and having faith in the programme. There were times when I doubted Sami but I was so wrong!

    I would love to be running 10 miles one day- watch this space :)

  • As the lyrics of the first song my Mother in Law heard just after she had given birth to my wife...'CONGRATULATIONS'. Yes, the Mrs IS that old!!

    I can only dream of running 10K, and I am SOOOOO impressed with anyone that completes the 5K, let out alone the 10K, and, as I have said lots of times, running 'naked', ie without music, is so refreshing.

    Take care, enjoy your 10Ks, and happy running for many, many years to come.

  • Thanks Sally! I'm sure the Mrs would be delighted to hear that!

    I did actually start to enjoy naked running after a little while. Once I'd got over the sound of my own breathing (it was loud, but at least it was regular) I did start to feel it was quite peaceful padding around through the quiet Cardiff night :)

    If you want to make it to 10K, I'm sure you can. We've all already done the hardest part, we've got out there and got running.

  • That's fantastic. So impressive and what a time. I've just clicked on the link and will be downloading Sami and waiting another couple of days before I give this a go.

    Congratulations and all the best for your next goals

  • Thanks gettingfitter.

    At times Sami seems a little bit of a slave drive compared to Laura, and she doesn't butt in with encouraging hints and tips. But she has got me from 5 to 10K in a matter of weeks, just listen to your body, take an extra rest day here or there if you need to, and keep running :)

  • That's great news and a great achievement Em. You must be so chuffed! My aim is to get to 10k and I had managed to go to 7.5 before I got ill and had IT band troubles. However, I am back up to 4k and hope by the end of the year (taking my time) to be up to 10k. So Congratulations from me too - and Sallycycle - I remember watching Cliff sing that on the Eurovision so your wife is but a youngster :)

  • Thanks lizziebeth :)

    Sorry to hear about your injury problems :( But glad you're back on track and have your goal in sight. I found going from 5 to 7K quite tricky, but you know you've already achieved this. Then from 7 to 10K flew by, and I'm sure it will for you.

    Good luck, Emily :)

  • Well done! It's so good to hear of people finishing the programme. I've had a few attempts at B210k .... I thought I'd cracked it this time around - got to W3R2 and ran for 8km, but my knee started feeling a bit sore, so I'm taking a short rest and will invest in a knee support before trying again. Really encouraging to read your post.

  • Thank you! I know that this programme is hard on your body and even with no particular injury I often took second rest days to recover and rest my tight calves.

    I'm sure you can make it when you restart, and keep us updated on how you're doing :)

    Emily x

  • Congratulations. That is a fantastic time x

  • Thank you! Still smiling and gazing at garmin connect!

  • Fantastic well done and an amazing time

  • Thanks mummysaurus. Still delighted!

  • Hip Hip Hurrah! Em's done it! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    Sorry we were not there at the finish line, so trying to make up for it before you get back to earth!

    Fantastic achievement! One some of us can only dream of....

    Have a good rest and happy running.

  • Thanks Franny, no-one but my feline friend was there on the finish line, but when my music went off I did spend a good ten minutes thinking about you lovely C25Kers and all the support you've given me :)

    Thanks again, and happy running :)

  • Well done Em ,that is some achievement , fab stuff :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug, I ran my little legs off :)

  • You've done well with the Sami podcasts. I got stuck on week 4 and couldn't get off it. Got there in the end but I do think five weeks is a tad ambitious

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