Winded ...but back in the run :)

.back into W6r3, getting over my W6r2 fixation, and went for what was I thought a 20 minute run, and sone realised it was 25mins ... but I had been doing 30 so I CAN do it.

Slight problem after first run around park in that the wind was very strong and managed to wind me so I didn't feel like I could breath, panicked a little and had to stop ... but I got back in there at 5 minutes and ran the rest so pleased with myself for not bottling it completely.

So next run due tonight!

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  • Well done on getting through the run. I noticed it was a bit windy this morning when I came into work. I'm just about to start W6 this afternoon and as I have enough trouble breathing as it is I hope the wind as died down a bit by then!

  • seems nicer weather here now so hopefully you will have a really good run tonight :)

    Enjoy it.

  • Great to hear you got your mojo back. Have fun tonight :-)

  • Thanks's it going for you?

  • Great, back to normal now. I hit runners block about 3 weeks after graduation but it only lasted about 4 runs. Im only doing 30 mins 3 times a week still but thats enough for the time being. Just trying to get used to the temp change now. Im sure I must look like a zombie half the time.

  • that's really good... think that is what I will end up doing, going for the 30 minutes 3 times a week, but if I think 12 weeks ago I couldn't even run for a minute so anything above that is good :)

    Think I just look like a mad women when I run ... beetroot red and hair all over the place :) ... would go well with the zombie look !

  • Well done for carrying on! I hope the wind has now died down and you can get back out there a bit more comfortably. Enjoy :)

  • Thanks anniemorph, back in there and back up to 25 minutes ... how is it going with you ?

  • hee hee, anniemorph :D I'd forgotten that! It's not bad at all - currently struggling more with a new mobile and all the complications that go with it! The running itself seems to be okay, although I've dropped back to two runs a week just so i don't stress my ankle again. I need to start doing regular 5ks plus a parkrun or two to psych myself up for the Run For life in July.

    I hope week 6 run three goes well for you. Take it slow and steady - you've done this once so you'll get there again no problem x

  • It is getting there again ... onto W7 now, hasn't helped as I have stopped my blood pressure medication as I have to have blood tests when not on it and my BP has rocketed, and just finding it harder to get the oxygen around my body.

    Impressed with the 5k's :)

    Keep running and look after the ankle x

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