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Week 6 Run 1 - thought it would be like a stroll in the park but I hadn't been out in the wind before

After feeling great with Week 5 Run 3 completed I thought that the next couple of runs would be like a walk in the park. That was until today when I went out at lunchtime to do Week 6 Run 1. It's not that I didn't complete it without stopping but I found it really hard work. Maybe I speeded up a little from my normal steady but slow (snail like) pace, or perhaps it was due to the really strong winds today but I can't say that it was the most enjoyable session that I've done so far.

However, it's the first time I've been out when it has been blowing hard and I'm not sure what was more difficult - the wind pushing you along from behind or hitting you in the face. If anyone has any suggestions when running in the wind I'd really appreciate some advice.

Hopefully by Saturday it won't be so bad and I can get some confidence back before Run 3 - YIKES!!!!

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I think the wind does have a big effect, but I also think week 6 is a funny week and many folk seem to struggle with it a wee bit. Of course the only way is to just keep at it, i just find some runs are great some not so great. Saturday might be your best one yet :)


Thanks lizziebeth57 - you're probably right but I really thought that this run would be a piece of cake. Anyway, having seen lots of posts about Aldi running gear I bought myself a wind and rain proof breathable jacket tonight and I'm looking forward to Saturday ( if the forecast is correct I might need it but I don't mind going out in the rain). As this was my first really iffy session I was a bit surprised and also disappointed that I found it so hard but, as you say some runs are not so great. Thanks again for reply.


I found it really strange going out in the cold and wind today. It was definitely something new to deal with. I can't offer any advice only understanding. I thought rain would be my worst thing but cold winds seems to top it at the moment.


Hi Realfoodieclub Many thanks for the understanding - it's appreciated


The wind is really tough. I tried my first week 7 run and it was so windy had tears streaming down my face! I think it psyched me out and I failed, so repeating week 6. And week 6 isn't easy! You'd think it would be after week 5 20 mins but lots of people struggle with it.


Hi RuthP Many thanks for your post. In some ways, it's good to hear that others have also found week 6 to be harder that they imagined and your post has given me some reassurance that it's not just me.

Sadly, the forecast is for it to remain fairly breezy over the weekend but I'm going out tomorrow to do my week 6 run 2 and then, if everything is OK I'll have a bash at run 3 next Tuesday. I'll send you a post to let you know how I got on but all being well let's see if we can complete (virtually) week 7 together. Best wishes for your repeat of week 6.


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