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A bad run....but I'll be back!

So....I haven't been running for about 4/5 weeks due to a vit d deficiency and Christmas-related festivities! Went out this afternoon to carry on where I left off, at Week 6 Run 1, but frankly it was awful! I was running straight into wind and rain, could barely see where I was going, and I had to stop about halfway through the second (8min) run as I was so tired (though I did manage the last 5 min run OK). Definitely my worst run yet, but hey ho....try again Monday!!

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Hi run, at least you had a go so really well done, Ed x


Still makes you feel better than lounging on the sofa. Well done for getting out there!


You got out there! A bad run is better than no run and you'll build on it for your next one Monday!


The next run will be better! Many of us are having a few bad runs because of festivities and illness. You made an effort and that is fantastic! All will not be lost, you will gain your strength and confidence back and breeze through the rest of week 6! Gayle


Sounds like a horrible run to get back into things - it does sound as though you did really well after several weeks' break, not to mention seasonal feastings etc.


Give it another go on Monday!! I am sure that it will go much better. There were way to many things stacked against you even before you started!! The elements, a long layoff and Christmas celebrating are a huge challenge for a run!!

You will do wonderfully!!! You already did brilliantly just getting out and giving it a try!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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