Last but two in the Park Run!

Well, I'm back on track after my bout of diverticultis, though my 10 Mile race in a month's time still seems pretty daunting. I had to take a week off in the end and jogged a pretty staid 4K on Thursday to get back in the swing of things. This weekend we're in Tenby where my 'boy' Matt is competing in another Ironman, so I thought I had better get on board and find a local Park Run. Corby is a really nice friendly run with only about 70 runners. It consist of 3 laps around a National Trust Garden- quite pretty, but a bit damp after torrential overnight rain and quite hilly too. I should have worn my trail shoes as it was all gravel and slippery bridges -obviously the wrong shoes were what slowed me down ;-). Anyway, not too disappointed with my effort even though I only beat a couple of people. I actually recorded my best age-graded score in a Park run at 57.83 and was first in my category (okay, only competitor but who cares ) I need to stick rigidly to a training programme for the next month but I will do 10 miles somehow, even if I walk most of it. In the meantime I have Matt to cheer on tomorrow. The dream is of qualifying for Kona next year. Hawaii would be such a cool plae to celebrate my 70th birthday!


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24 Replies

  • well done TT :) great effort and a PB a great way to start the weekend :)

  • I'm hoping it's a PB weekend all round!

  • Hi Turnturtle,

    Do you mean Colby? We visited there over the holls and I have vowed to do a Parkrun there next year, once I've graduated. Very beautiful but I can imagine quite tough if wet and slippery. Well done you - and good luck with your 10 miler:-)

  • I do mean Colby! V pretty but gets a little congested on the second lap! Very friendly though. Would definitely do it again .

  • Well done TT! Nice to see you're feeling better! X ☺

  • You don't see many age gradings above 50.00 on the Parkrun results sheets, so that's impressive. You've made quite a lot of the c25k start, it would seem.

  • Gary -of the 200 runners at my local parkrun yesterday, just over 100 of them rated over 50% in the age graded results.

  • Most of the first finishers were 60 to 70 per cent but none of the others in the last twenty was above 50 so morally I felt I jumped a few places in the finishing order Gary


  • Glad your feeling better now TT. Great result at the Parkrun, gotta love being first in any catagory, no matter what. Very best of luck to your son for his ironman challenge and to you too for your build up to 10miles. Go get 'em!! Xx

  • Thanks AM. Getting really excited about tomorrow now. We've booked ourselves in a 6 am boat trip to cheer the swimmers on!

  • Well done. Sounds a nice location for a Parkrun.

    I have just started reading "Life without limits" so today I understand what Kona is whereas last week I wouldn't have had a clue. It sounds just an amazing event. I almost cried when I read that they have to make people stop at midnight.

  • It would be just amazing to be a spectator there but I dare not let myself dream too much about it!

  • You dream .........

    Sounds like he's focused on achieving it. Wishing him so so so much luck that the hard work pays off

  • He came 3rd and has qualified for Kona!

  • Amazing!! That is so brilliantly fantastic. Congratulations to your family ☺

    Can't wait to hear about it all on here ☺

  • I am about to post a short hysterical account!

  • Well done TT - getting back on form!

  • Thanks UR. Getting there slowly. I do find it hard trailing along at the back of the pack though. Note to self: repeat twenty times I must stop comparing myself to others...

  • Here's another person cheering you on. That result was brilliant !

  • Thank you Adam. It can't be too much of a jump to make it to 60 per cent can it? That would make me feel not quite so average!

  • You'll get to 60% soon enough if you keep this up ;)

    The first thing I do when I log onto the website to check the results is to sort it into age graded order and I suddenly find myself jump 40 places up the finish list. It makes us oldies feel so much better.

  • It sure would!!!!

    Well done TT. You can do 10 miles! Keep doing the training!!!

  • My training is going to get very serious now MW. The embarrasment facing me if I fail is a great motivator.

  • Did you say the F word lady!!!!!?????

    Running ten miles, so long as you keep fuelled and hydrated during the run, is just like running 5k for the first time, really. It is about belief. You can do it.

    I am always amazed at some of the fit looking youngsters who pass me in the last stretch of parkrun, only to see that my age graded score is ten to fifteen points above theirs. While I am the first to admit that age grading is skewed in favour of us oldies, I do wonder why they don't put in a bit more effort!!

    Keep running, keep smiling.

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