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I wonder if I am a masochist!

I am in Week 8 - completed run 2. The past few weeks have been unbelievable! I have gone from someone panting heavily after 90 secs to running 28 mins non-stop. Like most of you, I got hooked onto jogging (I still wouldn't call it running at my speed :) ). Now that I am doing the longer runs, my niggles are taking more time to settle. So I had to take an additional day off after run 1 of Week 8. Though I knew that my body needed the additional rest, it was difficult to resist wearing the shoes and going out!

No, this has nothing to do with why I think I am a masochist! Consider this.. When I went out to jog today, I was sweating a lot by the time I completed the warm-up walk. I realized that it was a very warm weather, but I started the jog nonetheless. I needed a sip of Gatorade every 5 mins with the mouth getting dry. I managed to run the entire 28 mins. Was curious to find out how hot it was. I looked at the Weather - turns out it was 34 deg centigrade, hottest this summer! Now when someone who has never jogged regularly before decides to run for close to 30 mins in this weather, isn't it masochism?!

I am going for a short vacation with the family to a place at 7500 ft above sea level to beat the heat. I am unlikely to try jogging at this altitude - so it will be a break of about a week. BTW, has anyone tried jogging at higher altitudes, just curious..

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No experience of running at altitude, I'm afraid (I don't think the North Downs count!)

How you manage to run in 34C beats me! Seriously impressive.

Hope you enjoy your cool altitude break. :)


I've run several times at 2100 m (which, if I trust the converter, means 6500 ft).

Of course it's harder going than down the mountain (less oxygen), but I found it not impossible. However, if you have travelled from a low altitude, you might feel a bit tired and dizzy from the change. So just listen to yourself and see how you feel ;)

And keep in mind that if you do run, everything will seem so EASY when you come back down again!!! :D


Well done so far. Not much altitude in Kent but not as hot either. Enjoy the holiday. :-)


If you are going to do some walking and/or scrambling you will be getting enough of a workout. Enjoy your week off, you deserve it!

I have no clue how you manage in that heat, I've already abandoned jumpers when I'm just walking outside and we've barely made it into double figures here!


Thanks all! I know that if I can jog in this weather, it should be easier at more pleasant climates. But jogging at higher altitudes is a different ball game I guess. Will try and get some workout when I am there...


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