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What is the real distance you are running?


Ok this question is probably more towards people who are on Week 8 and week 9 or infact anyone!!! . So you are now at the point where you are running 28 mins/30 mins. When you have finished your run....it will show you how far you have run....in KM or maybe miles.....But that includes the 5 min warm up and the 5 mins cool down.....So....how can you tell or work out how far you have run with out including the warm ups and warm downs?


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I use my Apple Watch, and I press the Outdoor Run exercise when I start to run (after warmup) and press to End when I stop running (after warm down).

What are you using to record your run?

I am using my couch to 5k app so when i press start thats when it starts to record....but its including the warm ups and cool downs.....I have strava perhaps i could use that?

The couch25k app is time only. Use an app such as strava and record just the jogging part.


I also use run keeper and I start it when Laura does the run count down and stop it at the coll down. Finished week 8 run 1 yesterday, ran 3.17km so have a lot of work to do 😀

TotalNewbie1Graduate in reply to Cass746

I have just completed W8R2 and only ran 3k. I am so slow but at least we are doing it. 😃. I have to remind myself that 8 weeks ago I wheezed running only 1 minute and then had to lay down to recover. I am sure I will one day get to 5k whether it is in 30 minutes I have my doubts. Good luck with your next run.

Cass746Graduate in reply to TotalNewbie1

Thank you, its w8r2 tomorrow! Well done and good luck finishing week 8 x

LadyCDJGraduate in reply to TotalNewbie1

I’m slow too but at least we are doing it well done xxxx


I use my Garmin watch and only start/stop it for the running part. Yesterday I carried on running for an extra 2 mins and completed 4k


I use map my run and set the delayed start to 5 minutes. It tells you when to start running which you won’t need if still using the couch to 5k app but doesn’t matter. This then only records the time and distance from that start point. Then hit end the run before your five minute cool down walk if you don’t want to include it.

itshelsbelsGraduate in reply to Sparkey5000

It took me ages to discover the delay start function, so just turned on the tracking when C25K Jo Wyler said start running! Now I set the delay start as I leave home and then stop it before my warm down.


I use apple watch to record too on the outdoor run but have noticed it loses gps at times. So it joins the dots between where it lost it and where it finds it in a straight line. This morning it recorded 3.98k on my 25 min run but drew a straight line through a housing estate totally ignoring the route I took!

I am trying strava next time

Ginny57Graduate in reply to Chicken1966

I have the same problem with Strava. I was massively disappointed with my stats until I realised it was only recording 18 minutes of my 28 min run. I live in a hilly area and run through woods so lose GPS signal. Strava recommend wearing your device as high as you can and not buried deep in a pocket 😬


I'm another for using my apple watch.....at least then I have a clear view. I am on consolidation runs and am still not at 5km but I am running more than I have ever in my life and that's what matters!


Plenty of info there, I'm similar but use fit bit.

Gives you a detailed map read out of distance, pace etc

Currently on week 8 and last run was 4.5k in 28 mins.

Stay safe

I use strava and don't start it until I'm about to run. I was running about 3.8km in 30 mins when I was doing week 9 and now I average 4.2km in 30 mins as a graduate. I seem to go between 34/40mins to reach a full 5km, it really depends on my mood, energy and the weather

Run46Graduate in reply to Running_Giraffe

Hi and congrats on graduating, and reaching 5K 👏🙂

I see you don't have Graduate by your name...if you have a look at the pinned posts there is one asking you to comment if you're a graduate and they will give you your badge.

You've earned it, may as well show it off 👍

Running_GiraffeGraduate in reply to Run46

I didn't feel like I was a true graduate 🙈 it took me a long time, lots of stopping and starting and then starting a year later half way through the program to finally graduate 😂

Run46Graduate in reply to Running_Giraffe

Oh bless, of course you are...you are now running for 30 minutes so you graduated, regardless of how you got there. In fact you are doing 5K at a slightly longer time which is what we usually do in the weeks and months after, exceeding graduation.

The fact that you struggled but dug in and finally got there means you should give yourself a pat on the back and go get that badge.

I didn't start with C25K but just did a bit of running on my own for about a year, then found this forum and as I could run for around 20 minutes I picked it up at week 5 and carried on from there...I told them the whole saga and they still gave me my badge and insisted I'd earned it.

You can just put, I'm now running for over 30 minutes and have reached 5K, can I have my badge please 😊

Running_GiraffeGraduate in reply to Run46

You've made me feel I deserve it now 😊 thank you, that's made my morning.

I think being on this forum and seeing everyone complete it the way it's aimed to be completed I just felt I wasn't quite a graduate but still consider myself to have graduated. I stupidly completed W9 R2 on 2 seperate occasions and always quit before I did the final run. This time I started at week 4, got to the 20min run in week 5 and bypassed weeks 6, 7, 8 and 9 and completed three 5ks in a row. I think my brain was more determined this time round and now I'm just trying to keep it up.

Run46Graduate in reply to Running_Giraffe

It's amazing what you can achieve when you have the right mindset, will look forward to seeing Graduate by your name...I screenshot mine and posted it on my family WhatsApp and Facebook coz I was chuffed...not to show off honest 😊


I use strava and start it when I start running and stop it when I stop, never had a problem with it and gives a detailed map and stats. I did Wk9 Run 1 today and was 4.23 km

I use strava and did 3.4km in 28 mins today .. little way to go but I’m gradually getting further each run and this is the furthest I’ve ever ran in my life!! 🙌


I use the strava app on my Samsung watch, because it tells me all I need to know, distance, time running, pace and then sync to my phone to get more details. It’s brilliant and never failed me YET... As for distance my first week was like 3.6k but now week 9 is 5.01k

I will use my strava but its on a mobile phone the same as my 0-5k app so i hope i dont press the wrong button. I know full well if i took my 5mins warm/cool out then i would probably say i am no where near near a 5k and i am on week 8......infact i would probably say i am more 3/4k.. :)


I use my smart watch to start tracking my run as I start running. 4km in 28mins today so still got some to go 😊 including the warm up and cool down though I'm sitting about 5.3km so I'm pretty happy that I will get there 😊


Takes me 40 mins of running to get to 5k. The chance of me losing 10 mins off my time in the last two runs of the course .... none. But I can run for 5k so who cares! Lol 😝

Love it.....Thats the attitude.. You can do a 5k :) whoo hoooo :)

Ok i was able to have an idea where i started my running to where i stopped running...and my strava said it was 3.9km in 28 mins for Week 8 day 2....So i do have some work to do, but we are getting there. :)

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