Yippeeee! W5R3 banished to the history books :)

I did it! As if you couldn't have guessed from the title of this blog! I only went and bloody did it! 20 minutes non stop. Amazing!

It was a bit of a challenge. Not exactly a walk in the park... more like a pavement shuffle.

I kept focusing on anything other than the running. Some lovely daffodils in bloom and the blossom on the cherry trees at the surgery look lovely this evening. And oh there's a beautifully kept garden with colourful crocuses and more daffodils and such a wonderfully kept lawn. How do they do it? Perhaps they don't work.

Legs started getting heavy about half way round. Take your mind of it. It's a lovely sunny, spring evening. Oh there's the house that's building a new front garden. They don't appear to have got very far. The bags of cement haven't moved much since last week.

Oh and what was the music around now? Something about hitting the dance-floor. You have got to be kidding. I'm crashing on the living room floor when I get in!

Onwards and round the next corner. The hyacinths are smelling gorgeous but the lungful of exhaust fumes wasn't needed. What I need is a deep lungful of oxygen. The creosote is not so bad though. Someone's dinner smells quite nice too.

Final stretch. Is that three or four lamp posts left? Not sure, definitely only one telegraph pole. Almost, almost. Come on legs. Come on lungs. We're not giving in now.

Think of those in Boston that won't be running again. This is for them.

What was that? Did Laura just say stop? Yes, she did. That's it. I can stop running and walk. Glad no-one is nearby to hear me panting at this point.

Fairly quick recovery though. Amazing.

Bring on week 6 :D


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15 Replies

  • Sounds like a great run - well done! I like running outside too, but sadly around here it's mainly arable fields, rather than nice gardens and helpful lamp posts...

    I'm heading off to the gym in a minute - just as soon as I finish reading about other people running! ;) - and will use your descriptions to imagine a fun route :D

  • Well done I just completed W5R3 too today, so excited and amazed that I actually did it... Felt it was more mentally channeling than physical... I really had to distract myself and think about everything else but running... Really cuffed with myself hope you are too! Roll on week 6 :-) well done.

  • Congratulations to you also, well done!

  • Congrats to you too.

    You're right, these runs really put your determination to the test... Enjoy your feeling of pride and next week's runs. :D

  • Congratulations and well done, that's a massive milestone completed within the program :)

  • Well done on completing this particularly significant run... and for such an enjoyable, vivid and yet touching blog. ;-)

    Rest and enjoy the satisfaction of having run for a full 20 minutes! :D Then prepare yourself (mentally) for W6...

  • Congratulations! It's a great feeling isn't it. I loved your distraction method! Good luck with week 6 :)

  • Well done! Lovely description...will try and do the same tomorrow...my turn then!

  • Oh well done! Lovely blog and my throat caught when you mentioned Boston. On wards and upwards to graduation :)

  • Onwards :D

  • Thanks everyone and good luck MrsBB. Enjoy the great feeling after :)

  • Love your description of what goes through your mind! I'll give that a go next time I go out. Good luck with week 6.

  • Well done sounds like a great run , I have completed the first two this week and am looking forward to trying the longer run on Thursday , I have to admit that I also enjoy running around and seeing how the various building works and gardens are progressing! what will the family sitting in front of the big television be watching? anyone on the golf course? what will the pub kitchen be cooking? and of course on the last stretch the thought of meeting any of my neighbours always encourages me to push that little bit harder!! enjoy week 6 :)

  • Well done! I'm off to do W5R3 after work, I might try your diversion tactics as they obviously work! Best of luck for week 6 :)

  • Thank you! Good luck to you too and see you in Week 6 :D

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