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Week 9 and still loving it !

Well, after an indulgent weekend ( wine and chip heavy) which was also my two rest days after W8, I was itching to get out this morning.

Heavy rain yesterday resulted in the chalk track strewn with slugs....big ones ( 4inches long and as thick as your finger) which I attempted to weave my way round as I went. Also snails , most of which appeared to be in pairs ...? yeeuch don't even go there...!

Despite the profusion of slimy,crunchy wildlife underfoot I had a lovely run.I didn't even mind that J**** cropped up again,at least it was only during the warmup walk and that didn't seem as bad somehow.

Almost as soon as I started to run I got that "tingly arms extending up to the head feeling" ....I felt so good to be out there ( do I sound a bit mad ? well I am a bit anyway !).

I didn't get the usual struggle and slog feeling I almost always get in the first 10 minutes.....thats's a first ! I can honestly say I enjoyed the whole thing and though I kept my pace steady I really upped it for the last five minutes or so and I realised I had a huge grin on my face :)

Today was the best....I wish it had been my Grad run really , but I willl just take Runs 2 and 3 as they come this week - I finally feel as if I've got the hang of this continuous running thing....though keeping everything crossed that I don't go slipping on slug slime.... or worse.

Hope you've had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.

Happy running all :)

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Great stuff Carole, welcome to your graduation week!

Hope all goes well for the next two runs - I'm sure it will.

I just had to post to cheer you on - and to show off my lovely new Graduate badge. I was thoroughly chuffed when I logged on and found it there this morning!

Keep on running - and you'll have your own lovely badge by the end of the week. The thought of that should be incentive enough to keep you dodging the slugs & snails...

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Ah thankyou young Scip,for your good wishes....lovely and supportive as always.

....and you got your badge ! .... I'm so happy for you :D Do you know,I'd forgotten that I'll be getting a badge,fingers x'd (can you tell I'm superstitious?!!) on Friday .....exciting !....but I'd still like them to be a more 'stand out ' colour,wonder why that grey was chosen ?

Well, I suppose it really doesn't matter....I'll just be happy to my mitts on it .


I like to think of it as sparkly silver (even though it isn't really!)


yeah....or platinum even !

Just good to have it against your name ...a little badge to show how far you've come and what you've achieved .Well done again on yours !


It is amazing what people will put themselves through for a little grey badge on a single website tucked away in a healthy corner of the interweb. When those longer runs are not a slog it really is a pleasure, isn't it. Being a miserable old gent, I will tell you that my grad run was an absolute pig, following my best run on w9r2. But while you are enjoying it and getting fitter, who minds a bit of a slog. We are all masochists after all.

I did warn you about Julie!


Ha ....well said ! Yes, feel I need to be a bit cautious ,I'm almost expecting R2 or 3 to be a right swine ...hope it's not, but "Que sera,sera" as Doris once said/sang.

As for the badge....d'you think they'll let me have a pink one ?!

and on the thorny subject of the"J"'word....yep,was a tad surprised when she popped up first thing ! Didn't really have any gripes with the actual playlist though ...don't think anything could have dented my mood today :)

Hope Mrs daTruffe is doing well with her runs ?


Yep, my lady is coming home glowing with achievement and is well on the way to addiction having started week 4.


That's excellent Carolecal!

Sounds like you're gonna breeze through your graduation run!

Good luck! I can't wait to hear about it!


Thankyou J, it would be nice to breeze it.... I'll just be happy as long as I don't fall over !!!

Don't worry ...as soon as I've done it I'll be shouting from the rooftops :)


Hi Carole - WOW you're on the home straight now and just 2 runs until graduation. It was so good to hear that you had a good run today and there is no reason why this form won't continue through to graduation. Good luck with the rest of week 9 and your graduation run


Thankyou Mazz......I'll do my best to make it a good one !


What a great run that was. It feels great at this stage knowing you can do it, and do it comfortably. 2 more runs, and you can get that shiny silver badge.

I will be listening for that shout from the rooftops.


Ah thanks Nerdio....I am cautiously optimistic and starting to get a little bit excited now .

I just can't believe how fast these past 9 weeks have flown by. The support from everyone here just blows me away :)


You can feel your excitement. Good luck. Waiting for your graduation post.


Thanks waletta....it should be tomorrow- but my back has been a bit dodgy these past few days...I can't believe I might have to postpone my grad.run ...I'll be gutted :(


I'm sure it won't be long if you do have to postpone. Keeping your back healthy is the most important but I understand that you'd be disappointed. Good luck I hope the back doesn't make you postpone.


Thanks waletta.I've been doing some yoga stretches and making sure I don't sit for too long.I've been walking a bit too.Will have to see how it feels in the morning!


Wonderful to hear that you did so well:)


Thankyou splenda.


Heres to your next runs. You know I'm coming up behind you now, hehe, I am sure your going to do fine. Good luck


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