I should be on the Bridgeto 10k!!

....but I don't deserve it!! I read everyone's posts and think, yes, I can do the same and bumble out of the house and indeed I do the same. But this last week having gone a very sweaty 5k I thought I can do better: I know! I'll do the flatter route, up the hill first and round and down. Worked jolly well before. But when you are a lazy git and don't get out of the house until 8 days later, plans gang aft agley as they say in northern Britain (Scotland to the rest of us) and agley they went today. Lovely evening, nowt to do and all night to do it in. So what went wrong? I don't know! Answers on a postcard please. No gremlins as such unless they have changed tactics but an optimistic start quickly petered out into really tired legs and struggled to do the measly 2.8km that I did do. Walked a bit trotted a bit all the way round but fed up that I couldn't do a 7k as I was hoping. Covered about 5km but really slow with the walking of course. What a bummer. I know from experience and reading all the experiences of you lovely lot that it's not the end of the world but I am seriously dischuffed with myself tonight. 😡

Going to get Laura to give me a kicking with a Speed or even a Stamina on Monday. That should do it. Oh, and stop labouring in the garden until after I've been running.


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15 Replies

  • Ok. Get yer bahoochie over to Bridge to 10k Old_trout

    If you've been doing in the garden, no wonder you're pooped. You might also have been a bit dehydrated. It might also just have been one of those that we all get now & then.

    Put it in the f***it bucket, the next run will be a goodun for sure! ☺x

  • Yes! You're right! My bucket us not that full so just get on with it!

  • Come on, you.. if I dare... then you, most certainly dare... they are a lovely friendly bunch and give so much support and advice.

    You did 5K anyway... just feeling like you did..wow!!!

    For me..7K was the magic number... but once I stopped thinking about that..it happened! Come on across to the Big School, I am in the Reception class and loving it.

    Lots of buddies to help and encourage... you go as far and as fast as you wish to and no one sneers or makes fun! Loads of old friends and familiar faces too... and when you cannot do a run, they take you with them..in their heads..it is brilliant!

    Speed.. good... Stamina great... but just head out to

    enjoy the runs and build up slow and steady however the mood takes you!

    New adventures... new challenges...new obstacles to overcome...new memories to make

    See you there? :)

  • Yes I must cross over! You all helped me through the 5k so you can all help me through the next bit too!!

    Once with the grown ups I won't dare to leave it so long between runs.

    Right. that's me then. I'll come and join you in Reception class, Old Floss!

  • Brilliant.. see you later.. You can sit with me if you like :)

  • Aw thanks!

  • I know how you feel, Old_trout - I had a bit of a rubbish "parkrun" earlier today (see my post for W9R2). Even if the run does not live up to your expectations, though, at least you got out there and did it.

    Also, it was really hot and humid today. I noticed that I didn't see anyone else running while I was out, and usually there are loads of the b****rs around where I live.

  • It was warm and you're right, I was on my own out there!!

  • Some of us are quite good at just getting out and running once or twice a week with no particular 'purpose' or any goal in mind whereas some are better with the structure of a plan to achieve an objective.

    I definitely fall into the latter category, sounds like it might be the case for you too.

  • Yep, I'm sure you're right. I "need" to get to 10k because there's a run I signed up for in Seotember (that both my running mates have injured themselves ALREADY is neither here nor there. I've got to carry the flag on my tod then!) and Id hoped to reach that by now. So I think I will write myself a plan and get things ticked off

  • Oh OT Bless ya, don't beat yourself up !

    You are being very hard on yourself here I think. What you've described has struck many a chord with me and lots of others I would think , so youre not alone don't worry about that :-)

    It didn't go as planned , but you got out there and a not so good run, is better than no run at all !

    Chin up Missus, have a bit of a rest and you will be good to go for the next one ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppypug! My husband also said that but it is frustrating when plans misfire. Never mind! Onward and upward!

  • How about joining a running club if there's one near you? My husband loves his and there's usually all sorts of runners from beginners to extremely dedicated. They are very friendly and have different groups going out at different paces and distances. I joined one when I ran very briefly about 10 years ago! Good luck!

  • That's s good idea! I'll look into that and see what's what. Thanks!

  • Of course you deserve to be there trouty. Don't be a wallflower. I am not planning on expanding my distance or doing anything earth shattering but I like reading the other posts.

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