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W5R3- 20 min run in the bag!

Well, I wasn't sure I'd keep running non-stop for 20 minutes, having had 2 consecutive bad nights sleep, so I wasn't going to be disappointed if I had to stop and walk. But I thought I'd give it a go and see what happened, and, hey, I kept going, just taking it nice and easy like you've all been saying!

It really does feel like a milestone, so I'm really pleased!

I have to say though, it must be amazing when you're really fit and you can really fly along. Not wanting to be negative, but I found the slow plod pretty tedious. My arms and legs don't want to be spending long periods of time doing limited repetitive movements over and over. Even just walking along feels so much more free.

I'll probably have to keep taking breaks while I'm "running" along to do a few cartwheels , pirouettes, somersaults or backups (if I could- no chance of that though!) so I can feel the freedom of the space around and above me, and not feel so confined by the conformity of "doing" running!

(Why can I never just get on with things like other people- I always have to have a problem with everything!)

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Lol well done keep going


Well done Blue-Jay that really is the biggie done and dusted :)

You will find it gets easier, the first 8 to 10 minutes of a run is when your body has to take on the extra oxygen it needs to cope with the exertion. You are running anaerobically at this point and lactic acid starts to build up. If you can start your run really slowly, let your body cope with this and then you should find yourself relax into it, and your legs know what to do, and your breathing regulates. you can put any extra energy you may have into the final few seconds. That's what happened to me... apart from having any energy left for a final flourish!

Trust the plan...look how far you have come and what you can now do. The reason we are all still doing this is because it works and it becomes easier. Once you push through those first few mins the feeling of running freely is what keeps it fun.

You ran for 20 mins and are right to be chuffed, keep going onwards and upwards you are doing just fine... :)


Well done on dealing nicely with the infamous W5R3, it should have its own special title I think! You are at the milestone Week now when you are being prepped for the longer runs, and of course cumulatively at this stage your bod may have already run/walked close to 70km. Everything I read on here tells me that speed comes later on and what we are doing in the midst is building our stamina and km bank.

I hope you will be surprised when in a couple of weeks or so, you will find that 20 Minutes goes by quite nicely. I won't overhype by saying flying, but it does get easier and with less "labouring" you may find your enjoyment increases and you don't find the running intervals repetitive.

You've done amazingly well and if your running recipe includes cartwheels etc then that's your recipe for success and enjoyment. Hope you enjoy W6 and beyond, happy running


That is what makes you unique...:) We all have our own peculiar little foibles:)

Do, maybe as I do... look around, make up rhymes, give names to the trees, or folk you meet... make up daft words to songs.. and take in the whole wonderful world around.. :)

Try a bit of running style, improvement, focus on on aspect of your run, foot movement heel turn, light steps... running on egg shells :) Swing your arms and shake them out occasionally too :)

You are doing this, and as the runs get longer you will be glad you followed the programme, even plodding your way through those first runs.

Plenty of exercise on non rest days too can be useful :)

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You've done really well and I'm sure you'll start to find it less of a chore when you're able to enjoy your surroundings rather than just be thinking about the repetitive movements of running. Once I weaned myself off Laura after graduating I found that varying my play list helped. I also make up rhymes sometimes or think about bits of the run to share with my virtual running friends in this forum. I also have a few different routes to keep things interesting.

Enjoy Week 6 and happy running. ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿค“


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