OMG! One whole hour! Eight whole K!! Was that really me??

So, after the last run, where I felt I didn't need the walking breaks after the 17 minute running intervals, tonight I thought I'd try for 2 lots of 25 minutes, and see whether I needed the break when I got to it.

I didn't need the break, and carried on right to the end of the 51 minutes. Then, as so often before, my slight OCD tendencies took over and wouldn't let me stop at 6.67K, so I carried on. Next time I looked at the Garmin I'd passed the 7K mark, so I just had to carry on to 7.5, especially as that's what I managed last time out. Then when I got to 7.5K, I'd been going for 57 minutes. I couldn't possibly stop having got so close to an hour, so I carried on. Then finally, when the hour ticked over, I'd done 7.89K, so I carried on to the 8.

I can't believe I've actually just run for a solid hour!! :-D Blimey!! Seems I was right about not needing those breaks... :-)

Think I might stop pushing for a couple of runs now - time to consolidate, methinks... :-)


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9 Replies

  • FANTASTIC!!! I had to smile at your mini-targets, though, as I am exactly the same (although on a much smaller scale, I hasten to add). 'Just to that lamp-post - oh, this song's just started so I'll continue to the end of that - oh, now it's finished but surely I can make it to the main road' etc. I'm so pleased for you :) 8k in one hour is amazing - well done :)

  • Well done on achieving a whole hour. That's an amazing achievement. Congratulations!

  • Awesome possum!!! I knew you could do it! I do the same exact thing! Once I hit 30 minutes, I go for 45, then I tell myself, if I can make it to 45, then I can do 60 and so on! Very well done and enjoy your rest day! Gayle

  • I wanted to add...I ran 8K as my farthest distance before I just went for it and did a 10K. ;-) Just a thought, no rush though, you're doing fantastic!!!!

  • Congratulations, the OCD that's the kind of thing I also do :D

  • Well done - it does seem that you didn't need those breaks at all! :)

  • Grand job ! I'm with you on the OCD too ;-)

  • Wow! You must be flying in the clouds after that. You're doing amazingly well. Congratulations!

  • Thanks guys! I do feel amazing, I have to say. Just have to see if I can repeat it tomorrow now...

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