Out in the dark

I meant to run earlier, when it was sunny and lovely, but decided to wait until I got home so I could use my garmin to track my pace. Then got home, had a cup of tea... Then it got dark, and it didn't seem such an attractive idea to go out.

So I logged on here, and caught up with yesterday's posts, added a few comments, and my daughter said, 'Are you going out running then?' Me - 'No, but I'm reading about it!'

I'd decided to leave it until tomorrow, but then remembered extra meetings that would make it much harder to fit in a run, and decided I'd better stop using lame excuses and get out there. I don't much like running along pavements in the dark - streetlights are ok, but don't show up all the potholes, sloping bits and doggy delights. I was a bit slower than last time, but not surprising as I was watching my footing so much more. The garmin was misbehaving - couldn't find the satellites for some reason, until half way through, so I just timed it instead.

Anyway, I'm glad to say that I kept going for 30 minutes - though only by telling myself I'd just do 15-20, and then I kept adding 'just another couple of minutes' on the end until I'd got to 30. Not the best run ever, but it was ok, and now I don't need to run tomorrow, I can do a couple of short walks instead (maybe). Next time, I'd do better to just run when it's sunny - or have the garmin with me all the time.


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20 Replies

  • As you said, it's the getting out there. I love that line "no but I'm reading about it".

    I'll be running my usual route tomorrow, for the first time in almost two weeks!

  • Hurrah! May you have a good run with lots of adventures to write about. I look forward to hearing the report!

    Your point on your blog about having done c25k through the winter is a very good one for motivation. It would be rather a pity to have gone through all that and not get the benefit of being able to run in the better weather (should it ever turn up).

  • Brilliant. Well done for getting out there. 2 phrases of wisdom get me out the door when I don't feel like it. The first is "just lace up your trainers" as soon as they're on I find myself going out the door and running. The second I'd "the only workout you ever regret is the one you don't do". One or both usually are enough to get me out pounding the pavements in the dark! Keep at it greenlegs!

  • Well done for getting out there in the dark. Isnt this forum brilliant. I've logged on here a few times when its cold & horrible and I dont feel like going out for a run. But someone somewhere in the country has blogged how fantastic a run they had in six foot of snow & a howling gale. Nothing else I can do but get those trainers on and go out too!

  • Without this forum I very much doubt I'd have got anywhere near to running for 30 minutes, let alone to 5k. Yes, reading about others going out in worse conditions does often help a lot! :) Keep blogging everyone!

  • "no, but I'm reading about it" is the best line I have read on here. There's always something drags you out there in the end - and it was usully worth it in the end. Enjoy your rest day.

  • Well done for getting out there - know what you mean about these blogs/questions/tags; and with my weight watchers boards I have never spent so much time online!!! :-)

  • Well done for getting out there in the dark, and keeping to the full 30 minutes. I often do the 'just another 5 minutes/to the next corner/end of the track' method - while knowing full well that I'm just kidding myself! ;)

  • Oh, well done! It's not easy, when it's all cosy inside and you've come in and settled down. Like everyone else, I love that line, "No, but I'm reading about it" :D :D :D

  • Hahaha well done greenlegs! I m in awe of evening runners. I would talk myself out of it if I had all day to think about it for sure :)

  • 10/10 Greenlegs for "no but I'm reading about it" I choked on my coffee when I read that, priceless. I don't often run in the dark in the evenings but its often dark up here in the mornings when I set out. I sure am looking forward to the clocks changing at the end of the month, I love the longer days of daylight. Well done and keep up the blogs I love your chit chat.

  • Happy to provide light entertainment for others reading about it instead of doing it! :)

    I'm very glad I don't need to go out this evening in the dark too.

  • Ahhhh! Just read this after posting below

  • So glad I read this! I am standing here next to a radiator for warmth in the dark with my dressing gown on.

    I am booked in for a run tonight at 8 with some friends. I have to say I was not relishing the night run. I will take all the inspiration I can get and you just gave me a great big dollop!

    Thanks Greenlegs :) x

  • Hope you enjoyed it after all. :)

  • It was great. A nice run chatting with friends. So good we are doing it again next week! :)

  • WOW thats a change of life style!!! A night out with the girls for me used to be a walk to the pub for a quiz night and I would think many of us would have been the same :)

  • Haha is does sound funny! I'm making up for it though. Out tonight and tomorrow night! And a works do tomorrow afternoon... Quad biking then drinks. I was going to do the park run this weekend but I think I'll need the lie in ;)

  • Well done for getting out there greenlegs - I run after work too, but I won't go out in the dark on my own since falling; these lighter evenings are really helping. Totally agree with you about the blog and with fingalo about having done the worst bit in the winter - should all be plain sailing then ;)

  • I used to love the dark so I could hide! Im sure I look truly terrible on my run, beetroot face, sweat, sound like a choo choo train, and on reflection maybe a bright pink jacket wasnt the best colour selection! But isnt it lovely seeing the first drops of spring. And for sure, head down all the way to avoid those "doggy delights". Love it.

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