A "Good Run" - Mojo back in place

Got to confess, my last runs although all 5k have been a bit tough and I have needed a fair few walking breaks... breathing and legs didn't feel too bad, i just needed to stop running. This doesn't do your mojo any good when it happens run after run.

I know we all have good runs and not so good runs... but tonight was a really really good run (for me anyway) ... For the first time I ran non-stop for 60mins and although my pace is slow I covered 6.2k.. both new records for me. After I finished I did feel that I could have carried on a bit more but didn't want to push it.

So now I need to work out why I felt so much better today... could it have been the strong coffee I had an hour before running?? Read over the weekend the possible benefits of a caffeine fix for running!

I also think I need to stop worrying about getting my pace down... perhaps I shouldn't care if I never get to 30min for 5K...perhaps if I can repeat tonight I should set myself distance targets instead.

Bottom line is, whatever distance or pace you run at, you're out there getting some exercise and fending off lots of nasty things!! :-)


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  • Hey andy glad you got your mojo back :D and a great distance too :) i have only done that on run/walk .. I need to increase my running time but havent quite got to it yet ...

  • Fantastic...thats really good progress to run for that length of time. The main thing is that you enjoyed it...well done :)

  • Glad you've got your mojo back and 60 minutes, my goodness, 35 minutes nearly kills me.

  • Congratulations it's great to feel good after a run, and oh my 60 minutes of running is 60 minutes of running regardless of how fast you're going and that's a big chunk of time!

  • Hi Andy, well done! I'm beginning to see that it's all about the enjoyment rather than the time/distance. Since I've stopped comparing my modest triumphs to some of the amazing results achieved by some people, I've actually improved a little! Good luck...

  • Thanks guys :-) I certainly feel its too easy to get bogged down trying to constantly hit new PB's.

    Of course, its good to see some improvement in our running and when you do hit new times or distances its nice to celebrate them, but perhaps its best not to get fixated about them... just enjoy the run!!

  • Hi Andy, if I remember right it isn't so long ago you graduated and you are already running 60 minutes? Could it be you are trying to do too much too soon? My advice would be take a few days off, then run without gadgets and see how you go. And don't forget to include some easier runs in your schedule. Good luck.

  • I think you are right... I will try not to push it too much and mix in some shorter runs. I'm doing the C25K+ at the moment which I'm enjoying. I also run now and again on a treadmill, which I find different.

    Not sure if I can go out without my gadgets, I love my music and

    RunKeeper :-)

  • 60 mins, Andy?!! That's brill. Keep up the good work.

  • Nice to hear you've had a good run after losing your mojo. Hope it's back to stay :) 60 mins sounds fantastic to me! Happy running :)

  • It strikes me that you haven't established clear goals. What is it you're trying to achieve?

    If you want to reach 5K in 30 minutes then I can speak from experience. For starters run for 30 minutes, 3 times a week without fail. This will build a solid core but make sure you finish each run strongly. If you're overweight, do something about it-dropping the excess pounds will bring your times right down. After a month, build a long slow run in to your training plan. You're doing that already so you should be able to cope. The key is to make it slow, much slower than your 30 minute runs. Stick to this and your times should start to fall. Once you reach 5K in 30 mins, change from running 30 mins to running 5K, still 3 times a week. Maintain a strong finish to each session. Make one of the runs a parkrun if you can. This will add a bit of interest and the adrenalin will help your speed. After another another month, start thinking about intervals and hills. Above all, don't forget to include rest days between the faster sessions. For example, Mon-rest, Tues-30 mins, Wed-rest, Thu-30 mins, Fri-rest, Sat-parkrun and Sun-long,slow.

    Onwards and upwards!

  • Thanks Michael... good advice there. I'm one of those people who have recently graduated (month or so ago) and I'm probably having a go at this and that with no defined goals. From what I've read there are few newly graduated runners out there missing the structure of Laura.

    Thanks for the info :-)

  • Even without a clear plan then at least solidify the running habit by running 3 times a week. The fitness and speed will come. Good luck!

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