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First Post Grad Run... OMG that was hard work!

So I finally graduated on the treadmill 6 days ago. This morning was the first chance I had to run again and this time I thought I'd go down the local park. I haven't run outside for about 3 weeks and as it looks like the weather is going to be pretty bad next week thought I'd go for it.

I have to say it was hard work, mentally more than physically - I keep getting to one point on my route [I run round my local park several times] and I start thinking 'Oh I think I need to stop'. But I didn't stop; I carried on and was mightly pleased with myself. I felt I was going quite slow [last time I ran 30 mins outside I covered 3.89 km] so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw I'd covered 4.05 km [how I love my Garmin!!].

What I was really pleased with was the fact that I managed to pace myself which I find the hardest thing when I'm not on a treadmill.

So for the time being I'm going to stick to listening to Laura on Wk9 - I think the beat of the music on this podcast is making a difference with my pace - plus her words of encouragement really make a difference.

Good luck to everyone else this coming week - keep safe if you're running outdoors - it's gonna get slippy!! x

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Hey I graduated in April and use Laura week 9 every now and again to see how far I I go in 30 mins.


It does help doesn't it? Good to hear you are still running!


Well done, there's a saying in running that your mind will want to quit 100 times before you body will need to!


Oooh I like that and it's so true!


I agree about Laura's encouragement and time signals. I've just finished week 9 and I'm not sure I can do it without her. I've also just twigged what a Garmin is.


well done! I think we put very high expectations on ourselves when we graduate, but it's a bit like passing your driving test really, once you pass, then you learn how to really drive, I think the same is true for running. Its worth the effort though, as you have found out. Well done and keep going!

Happy running!


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