First time 5K Run experience: What a fright! Now I feel like a runner!

Steve and I ran our first organized 5K this weekend! It was a Fright Night Halloween themed run. I am kinda jealous of you guys and your parkruns. Here in the U.S. we have to travel to area towns and pay to participate in runs. I wish we had parkruns in our area.

I was filled with self doubt as if I should even attempt such a thing. I graduated the first part of the month and am still running the 30 minutes each time and nowhere near a 5K distance. Hours prior to the run, I'm still debating on how I want to handle it and I came here and read vivwesties blog. Little did I realized that in a few short hours I would be experiencing an identical run. :-) I am so happy I read her experience otherwise I would of been totally deflated when all I could see was bouncing heads off in the sunset! Thank you Viv for the confidence booster I needed! :-)

The air horn sounded and off we ran!!! Holy crap! Off THEY ran! I seemed to be going in slow motion! :-) At MY halfway point I had a few young men pass me, they were finishing!!!! I had made up my mind that I KNEW I could run 30 minutes so after that point I would decide if I wanted to continue running or if I would switch to walking. As I ran and ran and ran and ran... I decided to keep better time then the present to see if I had it in me to run a 5K! As I rounded the final corner I could see Steve and our daughter Allison coming my direction. He had finished the run and the two of them decided to come find me and run beside me to the finish line. So, with one on each side and me huffing and puffing in the middle, we continued onward with the two of them telling me I could do it! It's a blur but I remember a big furry gorilla in a trench-coat snapping my picture and all sorts of weird characters clapping and cheering me on as I finished!!!! YEP, I FINISHED! I DID NOT WALK ONE LITTLE ITY-BITTY SECOND! I RAN AN ENTIRE 5K!!!! :-) Basically, I increased my distance by bunches and went from running my 30 minutes to almost 40 minutes. Not official yet, but my time was close to 39 min. 46 sec. for 3.10 mile.

I may not be fast but I am so very proud of myself for going from sitting on the couch to trying to run and not completing some 1 minutes to now, running a 5K! I need to thank this community again for all of the support, motivation and advice all of you are always willing to offer. {{{GROUP RUNNERS HUG}}} :-) :-) :-)

We finished the evening with Steve surprising me with a nice bottle of wine and a lovely card...he is a great partner as a hubby and runner. :-)

If any of you read his blog posting I'm sure you are familiar with the lady named Pinky and her stroller. He ran and he ran and he beat her! :-) I don't want to inflate his ego by much but I'm almost positive I seen racing stripes on that stroller and she had a pit crew standing on the sidelines. ;-)

Wishing all of you the best! Gayle :-)


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30 Replies

  • Hi Buddy! Go away please! :-)

  • Hahahah!!!! I reported you buster and now you're gone!!! :-) Go sell your stuff elsewhere! :-)

  • Glad we've got rid of those Sellers. I reported 2 of them - glad they're gone :-)!

  • LOL - I'd like to say something stronger than 'go away' to Buddy!

    But for the important thing - WOOHOOOOO! Fabulous, Gayle. You smashed it by running 5k AND running for longer than you ever have - 2 PB's. And so lovely that you had the support of your wonderful husband and daughter.

    I loved Reading your blog, I was grinning from ear to ear, and very pleased that my first 5k was a similar experience to yours, although yours sounds so much fun, especially the gorilla, eh?

    Yup, there's no doubt you're a runner now. Fantastic achievement. V xx

  • Thanks Viv! I can't believe how much your blog helped me get through the run. I just kept remembering I was not alone, others have the same fears and doubts I do. WE DID IT! YIPPPEEE FOR US!!!! :-)

  • Well Done, it is such a great feeling, knowing that you have run 5K.... all the way without stopping :) There will be no stopping you now :)

  • THANK YOU SHARON!!!! Continued running success to you as well! :-)

  • Well done. Between you and Viv I'm beginning to believe I too can join the the 5k club, thank you. I love the image of the hairy gorilla, lol

  • I never considered myself an inspiration before...thank you!!!! :-) I had been really disappointed with myself because 30 minutes had continued to be a struggle and I was not gaining distance. I just kept telling myself slow and steady... YES! Come on over to the 5K club!!!! :-)

  • Well done Gayle, you did brilliantly!! Achieving that first 5k, in whatever time, is a real turning point and just puts you on such a high doesnt it? You deserved the wine thats for sure......

    You mention pinky and the stroller and the gorilla but I notice no reference to the spandex/lycra clad ladies that Steve may, ahem, have noticed by accident......!!!

    Sue x

  • Thank you Sue! I am still in utter shock that I could do it! :-) As for the gazelles in spandex, I am letting it pass...I never noticed them...I was too busy checking out the firm tushes of the young men who passed me! :-) Who cares if I'm old enough to be their mother. ;-) If I'm checking another thing off my bucket list, I better just savor the moment.

  • Good for you Gayle! I too read vivwestie's post for a bit of encouragement before I ran. I was too apprehensive to post about being apprehensive!

    We had people dressed up in our run too, I just ran as myself. I don't know about your run, but I was surprised that they take pictures throughout the run. As you check your time, you can see all of the photos that they have taken of you while running.... All I can say is uggh! I didn't quite look like the gliding gazelle that I picture in my head as I run!

    I am glad that you had a good 5K run, I also wished that we had parkruns, the "charity" run is expensive (though of course for a good cause).

    Congratulations and well done what an accomplishment!

  • Anna, I was far from a gliding gazelle too! More like a broken legged kangaroo. :-) We only had pics taken right at the finish line, they will be posted later this week online. I'm anxious to see mine...good thing it was a Halloween themed run because I'm sure I look pretty wicked! :-) All we have are paying runs also. It can get pretty pricey but I guess the difference is we are not paying for a gym membership and most of the money usually goes for a good cause. Can you believe it Anna?? WE ARE RUNNERS! :-)

  • Well done, Gayle. Great to see another graduate reach their first 5K! :-) See? It's easy enough to continue running for an extra 'wee bit' once you reach 30 minutes!

    Is that you and Steve in your costumes? Did he run with the mask on his face? And who are you in your red dress?

  • I remembered you posting before about if I could do 30, then I could continue on. I kept telling myself that as I ran... THANK YOU! :-) Although... not sure about the extra time just being a "wee bit" more! ;-) The pic is of last Halloween and yes that is my handsome hubby! Not really sure who I was, just some old lady who still likes to dress up for Halloween! :-) Steve's (smhall) profile pic has one of us at the Fright Night run.

  • Well done it is a fantastic feeling to complete the first 5k and with no walking, fantastic. Your blogs always make me smile and encourage me to keep going. Keep running and keep encouraging us all with your blogs. Congratulations

  • Thank you rolphie!!!!! I'm happy I can make you smile :-) My blogs always seem to be a jibberish mess! All of you encourage me as well. I honestly would not be at the point I am if I had never found this community.

  • Well done Gayle (& Steve) you nailed 5k you must be on cloud 9 or higher :D

    Trouble with this running lark is you just want to keep getting out there and having another go so I bet its not long before you start toying with the idea of doing another 5k 'just because you can'.

    And who would've thought that gorilla's could use camera's... ;) lol

  • Haahaa :-) We have another 5K this Saturday!!! :-) We will need to get up super early, around 4:00 A.M. to make it! None of our runs are in our town. :-(

    Really surprised me as well how comfortable the gorilla seemed with the camera. :-) As always, thank you for always encouraging me!!!

  • 4am!! WOW, that's dedication :D

    Best of luck to you both for the run, keep us posted :)

  • Fantastic Gayle-truly inspirational :-)


  • Thank you Colette!!!! As I wrote earlier, i never considered myself an I'm blushing! ;-) All of you encourage me!!!! :-)

  • What did Buddy say????


  • It's Buddy, our wonderful little friend who sells active-wear. :-) He had posted following my blog, I reported him and now he is once again dusted. :-)

  • Oh yes, I remember, reported him too! :-)


  • Well done Gayle that's fantastic. I won't get to 5k with my graduation so I will have to find something like a park run to encourage me to get there.

  • Thank you Chewy! I don't know if it was the change of scenery, the people or what but it was actually one of my very best runs where I wasn't praying for it to end. Sounds crazy but running 5K in just under 40 minutes was so much more enjoyable then any of my 30 minute runs. Who knows, maybe its a sign to place my sights on a Marathon!!! Lol! Not happening here!!! :-) I'm excited and happy for you this week!!!! :-) I love grad parties!!!!

  • Congratulations girl...I have yet to brave my local Parkrun and your blog has helped bolster my courage to give our local one a try!! (I can do 5K but in about 45 minutes)

    If you don't have Parkruns in the States - why not start one in your local park? Could be the start of something big!!!!

    Happy running guys.

  • Phenomenal run, Sweetheart!!! You were absolutely amazing and there are not enough words in the world to say just how proud I am of you!! You accomplished your first 5K, your longest time and your longest distance!! That sounds like a pretty amazing day of running to me!!

    I Love You!!

  • Gayle, what a truly wonderful experience and what a really heart warming post. Not sure if I'll ever find a run here but if i do I'll keep the memory of your post in my mind. Sounds like youand are really loving this running lark together. Thank you for the big grin on my face, Sara xox

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