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My first 10K :)

If it wasn't for the fact that I have the evidence on my Garmin, I'd be thinking "did I really do that".

I abandoned Samantha Murphy's B210K a couple of weeks ago, I was finding 3 long runs a week too much. So for the last couple of weeks I've been doing one long run each week, gradually increasing the distance and two 5K runs.

Last week I managed to do 8.5K, today I set out intending to run 9 or 9.5. My usual run takes me out of the village along the main road for 2k, then my new extra bit up an unmade road for 1k, then turn round and go back. Almost back at my starting point I via off down a side road, the next couple of K are suburban streets, nice and gently down hill. I then get back to the main road and head up to the Airport, which involves a sharp down and up again. At this point I decided to run along side the Airport fence to recover from the last uphill bit, then told myself "to the next bus stop", before turning round. I was at 8.5 when I turned around and once I'd done the steep(ish) down and up there was only half a Kilometre to the 10, so I kept going.

10K in 1 hour 2 mins 44secs. very pleased with my first 10k. I'm now stretched, rollered and showered and can't quite believe I did that.

Legs ache a bit, and I won't run now 'til Thursday afternoon.

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Amazing time BJ! Well done you! :) Its a great feeling isnt it when you reach that next milestone!

I did exactly the same as you in abandoning B210K and just gradually increased the distance; I found it much better that way and am going to try and stick to one long run at the weekend and two 5ks in the week.



Fantastic - well done!


Well done! That's a really great time! It's a totally unreal feeling achieving that, but really savour it, you're amazing :)


Well done Betty!! It's such a milestone I think, and it feels so good when you do it! :-)


Well done, it's a great achievement doing your first 10km run and I'm sure it will be the first of many.


Brilliant BettyJane

What you have done there is actually called "doing a Malcy" .... it's the process of accidently running a 10k when you'd planned to do something else :-)


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