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My longest run...ever!

Hello everyone,

Wasn't around to post yesterday as had my Nans funeral, but before that part of the day I had a fantastic run yesterday morning.

Out the door at 5:30am, glorious sunshine with a lovely crisp chill in the air. Starting my 2nd week of B210K.

Starting off on my usual route I ran at a nice easy pace, felt really comfortable and was just really enjoying the run. Just after the first km mark I decided to change from my usual route and head down another street which makes a triangle with my normal route - adding a "spike" to it. I did the same again a bit further round, "spiking" off to do lap of the triangle that I started C25K on.

I really liked the "new" route, the extra bits make a lap a bit over 2km instead of just under 1.5km. So I can cover more distance in the same locality with less worry about the monotony of doing laps or ending up miles from home.

All told, in the 3x 15 minute runs and 1 minute walks I covered 6.32km and felt I could have easily carried on.

I feel quite confident that I can get up to 10km in time for the 10K event I have my eye on in June. I don't think the pace will be great, I reckon between 1hr 15 and 1hr 20, but I think I'll be able to go the distance.

It was a brilliant run, my favourite so far, and I felt fantastic afterwards. Obviously the other events in the day curtailed things but it was good start to a sad day.

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Well done on the distance! Sorry to hear about your Nan. It's amazing how running can sometimes bring some solace in difficult times.


Thank you.

Sadly both of my Nans passed within 6 weeks of each other. One was not exactly expected but not entirely a surprise, the other was quite sudden.

Running is very therapeutic, especially when you're not trying for a PB but just running for the enjoyment of it.

And that is something I would not have imagined myself saying a few months ago!


Sorry to hear about that - you have been lucky to have your nans in your life into your proper grown up years, and nice that they were able to see your boys.

Your run yesterday sounded lovely. I did a long sunny run on Monday, but today was flippin' awful in the cold. The joys of an English spring!

Keep it up, and you'll be at 10k before you know it. I had been planning to make it to 10k by my runniversary on 3 June, but my couple of months off due to illness have set me back a bit. I reckon I could do it if I don't go too mad and pick up an injury ... maybe I'll try to keep up with you Mr B!


Sadly, and this is where I risk sounding like a terrible grandson, only 1 of my Nans saw the twins.

My Nan who passed a few weeks ago had been suffering from dementia and been in a care home for the past few years. She was quite bad with it and didn't know who anybody was.

Despite that I always intended to take the boys to see her. It was a case of waiting for the right time - when the boys weren't too tiny, when they didn't have a cold, when my Nan was physically well enough and stuff.

In the end I waited too long, and I regret it terribly.

My Nan wouldn't have known or understood who they were, although she did love babies. But I could have taken a picture and shown it to the boys when they are older and said "that's you with your Great Nanny". *welling up now*


Oh Peter don't feel bad. My dad has dementia and my 15 yr old doesn't like to visit any more. Dad still knows us, but he is also an alcoholic and pretty vile to us all so I don't push it. My grandma died just after I got pregnant but just before I got diagnosed with MS and subsequently had a termination. I think she was better off going when she did as it would have broken her heart. Your nan knew YOU and that's what mattered to her while she was still healthy I'm sure. X


Well done, Peter, it feels good to grow your runs doesn't it? I'm sure you'll be fine with the 10k in June, and you may surprise yourself with the time!


Sorry to hear about your Nans. I didn't really have grandparents (all passed before I was very old sadly).

Well done with the running. I think running sometimes gives you that "me time" that is needed. When did you graduate. I am thinking of starting the Sami Murphy podcasts. I graduated a few weeks ago and have been enjoying the C25k+ podcasts since. Happy Running :)


I graduated in November.

Mostly I was happy just doing my 3 runs of 3 to 5km each week.

Then I discovered the Zombies, Run app and started doing parkruns soon after. Both of which caused me to do more running and made it more enjoyable.

I have the Sami Murphy podcasts but haven't listened to them yet. I think I read on here that they were a bit brutal in their build up from 5 to 10K.

In the end I started with the Bluefin B210K podcasts (think I found them on here also). They're ok so far, just some music with a voice that pops up telling you when to walk/run and how long you have left in a run.


After doing my longest run on Tuesday, I bettered it this morning by a massive 0.01km, 10 whole metres!

So now my longest run record stands at 6.33km in 47 minutes.



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