My first 10k

I've just come back from the first run of the final week of my B210K programme. Today was to be the first time that I ran with no walking and it was 60 minutes. I started c25k just under 5 months ago.

I was nervous before I started out, but it went really well, and I completed it in 1:03:03 and included a hill right at the end too!

Now I know I can do the 10k I booked for this Sundays RFL.

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  • That's fantastic & a great time well done .

  • Thanks :)

  • Superb. Well done!

  • Thanks :)

  • well done !!

  • Thanks

  • Well done,that's a good time too.

  • Thanks

  • So pleased for you. Well done.

  • Thanks

  • Wow, well done. That sounds like a very big achievement. There you are, I bet you never thought you could do that did you ? This is what amazes me about these programs

  • Thanks, actually having done c25k I did have faith in the b210k. I think this weeks runs are the equivalent of c25k's w5r3 - you have to trust the programme and I did :)

  • Wow that's brilliant, well done! What a great time too- I'm still working towards something like that. Enjoy the RFL x

  • Congrations :) Where can I find the B210k programme please? Im struggling to get to 10k myself and have my first 10k race booked for July :)

    Thanks and congratulations again


    Bridge to 10K

    W1 - run 10 min, walk 1 min...4 times

    W2 - run 15 min, walk 1 min...3 times

    W3 - run 17 min, walk 1 min....3 times

    W4 - run 18 min, walk 1 min....3 times

    W5 - day 1 - run 22 min, walk 1....2 times.

    W5 - day 2 - run 25 min, walk 1....2 times

    W5 - day 3 - run 30 min, walk 1....2 times

    W6 - run 60 min

    All with a 5 min warmup/cooldown

    Here is the Sam Murphy one. Happy running.

  • good details. Are these supported with any music?

  • Yes, the music is much better than on the C25K podcasts. think Britney Spears, Rhianna, etc.

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